5* Sunspot or 5* Longshot for Act 6.1?

I want to become cavalier and complete Act 6. Currently my team is Aegon(Awakened), Cap IW(Awakened), Iceman ( all three 5* at r4 ), Heimdall/6*Sentinel/6*Carnage. I need to fill the last spot with another 5*r4. I can also rank 5 a champion if needed. Between Sunspot and Longshot which is the better champion ( for Act 6 at least )?

5* Sunspot or 5* Longshot for Act 6.1? 17 votes

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  • Warlord5386Warlord5386 Posts: 39
    I feel that longshot can defeat an opponent much faster than sunspot but he requires specific conditions.

    Longshot needs to use his sp2 to deliver that insane damage so anything that hinders his ability to reach sp2 will be bad for him. Opponent needs to be incinerate immune and should have buffs. Moreover you should also have to take into consideration that his playstyle allows parry and heavy. So block damage should also be taken care of. There are nodes like power struggle in act 6 that would hinder his usage.He also has no immunities.

    Sunspot on the other hand also relies sp2 but the fact that you can perfect block when incinerate is applied. And gain power via charging heavy is great. Moreover due to large amount of debuffs he can heal block when you have despair and he's also incinerate immune.

    In my opinion sunspot is better just because you can use sunspot in more number of fights than you can use longshot in. So this makes him much more useful than him.

    Both are great options tho.
  • Thanks man. And I am much more used to sunspot's play style as I have him as 3* max.
  • QuikPikQuikPik Posts: 389 ★★★
    Sunspot, incinerate immune comes in handy for some parts of Act 6.
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