AQ Modifier Bug?

Anyone else had this problem today? I started aq today and it only gave me 1 option to choose from in all 3 bgs in epic mode. We ran Power to Cower yesterday in epic mode in all 3 bgs. And today Power to Cower was the only modifier available today in all 3 bgs.

The modifier that should have been available should have been Turn the Tide. Can this be fixed?


  • Jupiter_Jupiter_ Posts: 10
    Our alliance tag is (Apoco )
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 5,751 Guardian
    edited August 2020
    Do you got a screenshot of while you were in the Selection screen ?

    What do you mean “wouldn't let you choose any other Modifier” ?

    It may show a Green (successful in past days) or a Red (have tried in past days, but not successful) mark next to some others, but you can always choose whichever you want (even the ones showing Green or Red marks on them).

    If you choose a Green, you just are kept at the same Bonus points as previous day for that BG, while a new (or unsuccessful) one would be a “new” one that gives more points than day before.

    (Edit.. just have to watch out when you’ve already run same Modifier in BG twice before, one Win, other a Loss, the Red/Green status may get confused as to which mark it should show you for that one when you choose).
  • YoMovesYoMoves Posts: 865 ★★★
    We definitely didn't lose any of our AQ days. We're a top 20 that's a moot point. Apparently according to officers, the only option available to choose from the 'unused' modifiers was the one we'd already done.
  • So of the 5 Epic modifiers, you saying that it showed Green for 4 of them, but one of those Green ones was one you hadn’t actually done yet ? And that the “unchecked” one (the one you ended up choosing today) was actually one you DID do before? As in the game messed up putting a Green mark next to a wrong one ?

    I’ve seen the Red/Green mixup before, but not a full 100% mixup yet.
  • Jupiter_Jupiter_ Posts: 10
    I’m saying only 1 modifier was available on day 5.
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