Special delivery incursions bug

I had gotten the special delivery node twice for the boss fight. The node says I get 15 charges and every time I hit the opponent the charges go down. But since there were two in the boss the my hits were going down twice as fast. But this shouldn’t happen I should’ve gotten 30 charges then my charges should’ve gone down my 2 making me be able to get 15 hits in if that makes sense


  • CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 199 ★★
    I believe the charges cap at 15 but since there are 2 nodes saying you lose one per hit, you lose 2 per hit.
  • ColleenColleen Posts: 135
    As you can see in the video I had only gotten two combos in and I was already starting to degen from the special delivery node so it should
    1) either cancel out and I should only have 15 charges and each hit makes charges go down by how times I got the opponent
    2) since there’s two special delivery nodes I should get 30 charges to start and not 15
  • CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 199 ★★
    It is like having 2 links shields up. They stack. The game counts the charges to have a cap of 15, but recognizes the hits for each node.
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