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Horizontal Line of Dead Pixels on Two Phones After New Event Patch

After the update for the new event I’m seeing a line of black pixels going across the top area of my screen.

It’s happening on both my new and old iPhones and only with this game. So it’s not an issue with my own displays.

When I click on the store icon, it starts along the different tabs like potions and glory at the top, going as far left as the portrait and extending to the right off the screen and getting slightly thicker. The line starts just underneath the bottom part of the right upper side of the S (where the S starts if you were to write it from the top right).

I’m also seeing it on brighter colors like white in the background of maps.

I can post an image later today if needed.

Anyone else seeing this?


  • Also, how about the LINE OF PIXES in all the QUESTS since the Update too.

    Seen in all the Monthly Event Quests, also I think I saw in AQ at first as well.

    Line goes away when you travel (and either hit a stopping point along the way, or hit a pre-fight screen that you then back out of and go back to map). The LINE is gone then, but it returns once you fight the next node on the map.

    Always in the same spot (per whatever quest you are doing).

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