Upcoming Adjustment to Domino [Title edited to reflect updated solution]


Recently, it’s come to our attention that we accidentally created a synergy that makes Domino into a perfect block/power gain machine.

Some of you may have seen a video circulating where Guardian’s True Northern Defense synergy gives Domino enough Block Proficiency to reliably always Perfect Block, which when mixed with her mechanics, always gives her a huge bonus to her power meter.

We totally acknowledge that this slipped right by us, but it’s something we have to change. Right now, we’re looking at changing Guardian’s True Northern Defense synergy to increase Armor Rating when blocking, instead of Block Proficiency so that it doesn’t have this unintended interaction with Domino’s abilities.

We don’t have the final numbers at this time, but the increase in Armor Rating should reduce damage by as much, if not more, than the increase to Block Proficiency would.

Thank you for your understanding, and please accept our apologies for letting this slip by us.
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