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Randomly throwing heavies

Lobster44Lobster44 Posts: 147
edited August 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues
Device and Version: Honor 8S
Device Operating System: Android 9
Cellular or WiFi: Both
Game Version Installed: Up to date

Since the last 2 updates, random mid combo heavy throwing has been occuring pretty much every fight. It literally charges heavies until it gets smacked, they never launch even against passive AIs that wait like 10 seconds before interrupting the heavy. It's impossible to clear new content like this, please fix.


  • DariusYiDariusYi Posts: 171
    edited August 2020
    i noticed strange behaviour like this as well. I feel like the sensitivity of the screen is increased. My champ made a medium attack while i was holding block. But i did notice this happen when my left thumb moved a bit while holding block. Not lifting the finger, more of my thumb's skin that previously wasn't touching the screen touched the screen.
    I'm pretty sure it didn't happen before the recent update.
  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 552 ★★★
    The random heavies was a serious issue I was having for a while but its not happening to me all that common anymore but the random dash back has happened to me every other fight today. I'm going in for the typical MLLLM combo and halfway threw my champ will dash backwards... Its definitely really agitating to say the least
  • DianeNelsonDianeNelson Posts: 29
    edited August 2020
    I thought it was just me , but reading this post I see it's not. I also notice in some fights my hero throwing a heavy mid combo instead of a light or medium I do. Since this last update it started.
  • Skulfire2099Skulfire2099 Posts: 9
    edited August 2020
    Same issue. Random dash backs, dash forward, and either throwing a heavy when not intended or trying to throw a heavy when not intended. I feel like it’s a screen sensitivity issues as well, but completely inconsistent.
    Happened mostly this morning (West Coast) in the Herald event (Epic and Herald) with Doom.
    iPad mini
    iPad OS 13.6
  • JestuhJestuh Posts: 117
    edited August 2020
    I have been having this happen a ton. And it’s been happening all through my alliance.

    I’ve been getting interrupted mid light combos. Almost every dash gets light punched. I’m getting light punched through my light punches. My heavy charges on quake randomly stop. My mediums turn into heavies. My blocks just stop blocking while holding block.

    Intercept and block timing is completely wrong now. I’ll see the medium attack start, I’ll dash, and I’ll lose the intercept. My blocks parry maybe half the time the did weeks ago.

    I was fighting a corvus on my corvus, he dashes, I dash to intercept, our medium attacks go THROUGH each other. Then he hits me with a another attack. It’s bonkers.

    Earlier today, while fighting a non-reverse control champ I dashed at him and went left instead.

    The game inputs are completely screwed right now.

    For me it’s happening on my iPhone 7 and new SE. It all started in the last few weeks. Software is totally up to date on both. I’m hearing it’s even worse on the android.

    I’ve started recording fights when it starts to get really bad so I can post video if needed.
  • JoedartJoedart Posts: 41
    Haha. Yes, all this happening to me on an iPad and iPhone since the last update. I’ve had issues with AA getting hit through blocks trying to bait heavy attacks in the last two AW . This on top of the Warlock bug that’s been happening for several weeks now. This has become such a downer I’m losing interest in the game.

    I purchase very little in this game but now I’m going completely ftp.

    For me at the moment the game has become more frustrating than fun.

  • H3t3rH3t3r Posts: 2,021 ★★★★★
    I get random heavys, dash backs etc. Starting to really piss me off.
  • KeepinItRealKeepinItReal Posts: 229
    edited August 2020
    All this is happening to me today during Galactus Herald fights (w/Void Boss). Very frustrating & annoying. Wasted items/boosts/time bc cant just exit w/out losing favors. Thx 4 posting @Lobster44
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