Summoner Show-Up Nerf...



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    Did they say when the nerf will happen? Cause I am right at 7k 5shards.
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    Wait they nerfed it? Someone link the announcement please my search bar isn't working
  • I haven’t maxed a four star in probably 2 years... “epic” rewards.... I’ve seen kabam put out good rewards before. This is not it... I can run 4 mil with my five and six stars in the Sunday arena and get close to 3k five star shards... this show up event is just a joke. Btw, I thoroughly enjoy the game and the friends I’ve made because of the game so this is not a post just to complain.
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    Why nerf the challenge? I found it actually fun. Don’t get me wrong I got my butt kicked and I fought the fight probably 50 times before being able to 1 shot him. I didn’t use items because 3000k shards isn’t worth it. Now I do think the rewards just need a buff. Should have been 6*s because the people beating this content are probably end gamers where 5* shards are out dated.
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    Duff12475 said:

    To all those opposed to compensation in this situation:

    Variant 1 goes live and introduces class specific rank-up gems. Those players that beat the content early got to use those gems on WHATEVER champion. Kabaam fixes the issue but yet doesn't correct those player's accounts that cheated the system.

    6.2 Champion boss. Numerous counters that players used to beat him only to have kabaam nerf those counters. Those players that didn't complete the content before the NERF didn't get the opportunity to use those easier counters.

    AoL exploration rewards. Those the explored before the change got to keep the original rewards AND get the new 10-champ nexus 6*. Everyone else gets the updated rewards which is short 10k 6* shards or so. (I still find this disgusting)

    3 prime examples of why beating content early on is in favor of the player. I don't want to hear anything else out of you.


    Yes, but no one forced anyone to use revives. You could've just exited out and tried again. Using the argument of "beating content earlier has its pros" still doesn't add up with why people used revives when they could have tried again.
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    I personally rather the rewards get a buff than the difficulty and restrictions get nerfed. But the real question is will Kabam compensate all summoners who had to use items such as boosts, revives and health potions as well as units just to complete this event now that’s they’re completely nerfing the difficulty as well as the 4* restrictions. Seems a bit messed up to those who wasted items, units and money just to beat it as it was now that it will be much easier. We the community need answers!!

    Totally agree, kabam please put another totally nerf difficulty for the ones that cant complete summoner show up with same horrible bad rewards, keep same difficult for the ones that can solo with patience and skills and give us same rewards as nameless thanos or something close(that would be awesomeness)- against nameless thanos some ppl use a lot of items and other ppl just solo it-
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    As somebody else said instead of compensation they can just give a title like “speed demon” or “Slayer of Gods” to those who completed it on ‘hard’ mode.
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    I agree
    Also potentially some rank up materials and iso back for those that ranked up 4 stars without any need due to the demanding nodes
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    I used no units but used some lvl 1 revives majorly cos I had no great counters in 4* for this . I do have 12 max 5* but could not use them so had to waste resources to r4 Colossus to finish this . Had I known they would tone down the difficulty I would not have tried it at all. I have other stuff to do so wanted to get this out of the way. Either way it's unfair to us who completed it with the original difficulty.
    So when you nerf something to the ground like this , a compensation is needed .
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    People on Show Up difficulty feedback: Yeah this sucks and it is too hard, less content like this please
    People on this thread: What!? Its an easy fight, you can enter it when ever you want, get good scrub!
    Some people are super bipolar
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    This community sucks.

    first time I agree with you on something.
    MCOC community is pretty much the worst ever. I think the problem is, most of us aren't real gamers.
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    Grumpy said:

    I would have loved to see the game developers actually post videos on them doing this with the 4* restriction in place or any of kabam

    There are plenty of YTbers who've done it EASILY.

    What is this bullcr*p here. Why are people demanding compensation for something that's an extra (not story or event content), can get in for free and costs 0 energy. If you couldn't waste and spend your time on practicing and getting through and ended up spending units/revives, isn't that supposed to be your problem? Why would kabam compensate you for not having time?
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