Can't even hoarding more than 2000 premium crystal shard. Am I the only one ?

I would love if kabam added a new featured that make us able to lock our shard till the specific day that we wanna open in the future. once we tap "lock". We wont be able to open it as a crystal till the day we choose. Just a random idea. lol. i cant even hold my will to open a 2k shard of greater solo crystal.


  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,776 ★★★★★
    I mean, willpower? I open most stuff as and when I get it if it won’t overflow but if I’m targeting something specific I will wait
  • WhaaaatWhaaaat Posts: 407 ★★★
    I hate the notification number
    This is the only reason why I am opening all me PHC
    I would love an option to disable it
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