Most Overrated Champions

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OK, we've done most underrated, now lets tackle the overrated.
i'm forever hearing on the chat and YouTube that you must have this champ, he's a God etc....
I find some of these lacking and not living up to expectations.
As before, I've probably missed a load and some you won't agree with. But these are probably down to me being naff and not being able to use them correctly

Most Overrated Champions 87 votes

Captain America WWII
ShrimkinsAakashRetroRocksLewisTheLlamaroy505RaaINTEGRALImac7065phillgreenDave_the_destroyerMasterTroller42VuDahPeterStreitSuskanutEnyalios66KocheeseNemesis666RixobKillerBee_samaBoris12366 22 votes
Dr Strange
winterthurAegonTVdh2008NevvBVavasourIronDevilKronos987654321Noob_2yrsHarcourtmazemostlyharmlessnbenshbVladTapesUkgenieadqqedfyvrCedricccNomarigerolTellthemIAMAnonymous346ChiefkeefdondoThe1_NuclearOnion 22 votes
Crys23Captain_KandiceCableMegaSkater67DrOctavius2_2Haji_SaabDeadbyrd9ThatsausageSIlverProfessorPrimmer79YouCantSeeMe2Zane22thanks4playing1haunted_memoryGrimmbearDjackz_1BinawayawhileAlterEgoBatman_26_2019 19 votes
Rocket Raccoon
superunknown012Alfa_PigeonDrakon56thebluemanDark_King888BobbyGambinoMastaChief117ChillDhruvgDmack976637NarcuulkeshvinKenshioBarry_Allen007Tru_dp_23 15 votes
SaiyanDropfaithSpeedbumpIvan4150Foxhero007Leepower12WingTSEDegirmenciogluragnar0k 9 votes


  • I think you've got the wrong list buddy. RR strange and NC are not overrated at all
  • GazaGaza Posts: 17
    To clarify my choices:
    Cap WWII: Great block and bleed. But I find the love for him overwhelming. Much better out there.
    Dr Strange: When he 1st hit the scene he was amazing, I feel they've downgraded him down too much.
    Nightcrawler: Was annoying at 1st, once you learn how to fight, he's very easy. Doesn't hit hard at all. Probably better not duped.
    RR: Too much of a glass cannon. Great to fight with, far too easy to fight. Also requires a lot of signature for best ability.
    Magik: Again I think they've pulled her back from what she used to be, also very easy to fight. I find it extremely frustrating when they pull champs back. Takes a lot of effort to get the 5* to rank 3 and 4, so they should get stat locked IMO

    I have all the above at 4 or 5* and duped, probably more out there but I don't have them
  • GazaGaza Posts: 17
    The last war I fought, there was 3 NC, including the boss in a row. All above 10k and duped. Can breeze past them with ease now.
  • Magik is awesome, defense and offense. No one really thinks strange is that great, RR and NC were always just slightly above average champs imo
  • Captain America WWII
    Well you got the 1 champ on your list who is by far the most overrated. Cap ww2. He is simply not that good. Just a crutch for lower skilled players.
  • Dr Strange
    Most overrated is quake. This list is inaccurate, no one thinks rocket or nightcrawler are good anyway
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 1,078
    Captain America WWII

    The only thing people talk about is SP2 bleed and there are a bunch of better bleeders.

  • where is the other option
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    Hyperion. Desperately needs fury buffs to deal any meaningful damage. **** base damage from special attacks. Only offensive use I can see is fighting stun immune champs if you are not comfortable with intercepting. That power gain makes chaining specials easier
  • Captain America WWII
    I love the Cap, he is a great character, was once a boss killing superstar. Now however just doesn't do anything interesting at all. The game and its challenges have moved on, good ol cap is stuck in the 1940s.
    I'd love to see him given a couple of interesting abilities such as no opponent power generation while under stun or ability to automatically only lose 10% health from a level 3 special or any unblockable attack as part of safeguard if you dash back and hold block for 1 second, which then gives you "deflection" and lasts 12 seconds, with an 8 second cooldown, so deflecting enemy unblockable attacks with his shield. Would get him back to boss-killer territory where he belongs, a proper Hyperion killer, a real marvel legend!

    Special mention to Dr Strange, once mighty, now paltry, bottom of the class. He's not overrated, simply cos no-one rates him at all any more. I still really love playing with him, but only for fun on event quests, wish I could use him elsewhere but he wouldnt last the course, one laggy missed input from the constant bad server stuttering on an AQ boss special attack and he is toast. Just too squishy with no opponent power control ability unlike voodoo, he's a sorcerer, surely he could conjour something up. Just a simple +15% buff to his health and attack (back to where he was 2 years ago) would be great, with the proportional increase to his health steal to keep the same % of his total health as the health steal. Would put him more in line with ghost rider who stole his spot in the mystics. Its such a shame to lose the Dr, he was fantastic fun to play with.
  • LOL at the WW2 hate. ^forreal clearly some people are that bad that he isnt clutch for them.

    Perfect example is vs. Kingpin boss in master event. He will take 0 damage most the time because rages count as buffs I assume. Yes its a long fight b/c of class weakness but who cares, almost all the times if fought kingpin to 100% the event using my 4/40 cap ww2, I took out kingpin and ended with nearly 0 hp lost, even with the gamblers fate rng being dumb

    Not only that, even a 20% revive on ww2 has you going for quite some time.

    TLDR; I was noob once and was like "lol ww2 for noobs cause lol block, l2intercept or parry kids"
    Now im like "wow thank god I brought the ever so reliable ww2 with me"
  • ImranImran Posts: 161
    Star lord actually. He is in lvl 50+ and 5/50 but don't use him that much like others. My others shine a lot in aw and aq. He is actually used for mostly finishing rol-lol faster.
  • Dr Strange
    From the list it's gotta be Dr. S because of the violent over the top nerf stick they hit him with... I would down rank to 3/30 if I could now...

    As for WW2 - Yes there are better champs out there... but WW2 overall is one of the best balanced champs in the game. He's kind of that Swiss army knife where he is just really useful to have especially on story quests.
  • BadroseBadrose Posts: 364
    GwenPool. Yes, she's nice, but I don't use her and I don't see anyone using her in AQ/AW
  • Magik
    i went with Magik because Star-Lord is not on your list he is by far the most overrated champ. he is decent but not that good.
  • +1 with Foxhero007
    Star-Lord is not on your list he is by far the most overrated champ for me
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    Captain America WWII
    I voted cap WW2... everyone loves his perfect block chance.. but lets be real guys.. he hits like wet noodle. For a champ people love to bring to AQ and AW... he times out on champs over 15000 PI.

    Rocket was never an overly hyped champ IMO, and DS was nerfed.. that's why I voted cap.
  • Captain America WWII
    Spity68 wrote: »
    +1 with Foxhero007
    Star-Lord is not on your list he is by far the most overrated champ for me

    A guy that can crit up to 30k as a 4* isn't overrated lol. He just needs a skilled player to hold his hit chain.
  • Doctor Strange is technically not overrated considering nobody rates him very high anymore. He got nerfed and now he sucks. No overrating about it. You should have an other button, too. Hyperion is definitely my choice. Everyone acts like dude is god tier and he's very meh to me.
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    NC is not overrated. He is a good (not great) defender
    Unless someone else in your alliance has one. Then he isn't worth anything and worth about as much as a Spider Gwen on unblockable 1.
  • Rocket Raccoon
    I voted rocket raccoon, but I feel as tho now I really should have chosen Dr. Strange. I got him as a 3* and he was quite underwhelming. I understand why people might think that Cap WWII is overrated but he is one of the best science champions available as an attack champion. He isn't the best overall champion, but he's one the best in his class.
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    Cedriccc wrote: »
    Most overrated is quake. This list is inaccurate, no one thinks rocket or nightcrawler are good anyway

    If you think NC is OVERRATED then I do t know what to tell you. Hes actually drastically UNDERRATED. I took him through the mutant stage in 5.3 and he cleared house. Switch him to swashbuckling in quests and marvel at the damage he does.
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    phillgreen wrote: »

    The only thing people talk about is SP2 bleed and there are a bunch of better bleeders.

    Hes awesome against Dorm in AQ even without the bleed. He can perfect block SP2 all day meaning less of a focus on baiting the SP1
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    The sad thing is we have a bunch of people voting here who clearly don't know the best uses for certain champs. None of these champs is "overrated" per se, nobody really thinks that high of DS post 12.0. RR isn't seen as being on the level of the others by really anybody and the other three all more than live up to their hype if used correctly.
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    People been hating on WW2 since he came into the game and they never could give a legitimate reason as to why...

    But yeah, magik is very overrated.
  • Captain America WWII
    WWII and Guillotine
  • LOL at the people saying Magik is over rated... smh
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