These characters DEFINITELY need to be buff

Mojo: His overweight frame is putting far too much strain on his legs (?) especially when fighting. How would he keep up without proper diet and exercise?

Warlock: I know he's a robot but he is also a biped. Carrying that massive head needs commitment just as massive. Unless he gets buff, he wont be able to move properly (just look at his toddling walks now)

Ebony Maw: Not so much in need of muscles but weigh in general. He's the opposite of Mojo in that he lacks a big enough frame to sustain hits (so he causes you to miss instead 🤷‍♂️)

Hulk: He's already buff but i want him buffer. Just a personal preference


  • plz buff ebony kabam give squidward some crabby patties
  • 313rd313rd Posts: 149
    Silliness aside. Buff Red Skull ASAP please.

    Plenty others probably need upgrading before him but damn RS shock kit is mistimed and He hits like a 2015 champ.
  • Moot4LifeMoot4Life Posts: 2,132 ★★★★
    bro... i was about to make that joke when i saw it was buff and not buffed
  • Hulk needs to be at least the size of the full screen... and Ebony Maw is almost 2d.... he needs to be less buff
  • Tman865Tman865 Posts: 2
    To be honest I really want to see Dr. Strange completely buffed because in my opinion its unfortunate to see such a relevant marvel character have like little to no uses in this game because hes such a good character all around and I think a good rework could really do him some justice. Same goes for the likes of Iron Fist and Moon Knight, they may be street level characters but I think it would be awesome to see them have good utility and work up in the ranks.
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