Players activity status within the "Members" tab in alliance

Hi All,
It would be really handy to have an AQ/AW status shown within the "Members" tab in the Alliance dashboard. I would be a lot easier to see who is participating in ongoing Quest/War and determine in which Battlegroup is the player in.
At the moment the process of checking, for example, who haven't joined the fight yet, is quite awkward and takes a long time.

Here is the possible solution which I've come up with but could be done many other ways which will be just as efective.

Obviously, if the logo is grey, the player is not participating, if it's white the player has already joined. The number of arrows representing the Battlegroup

I am sure that many other players will be with me and it will make life a lot easier for many of us!
I really hope that this will be acknowledged and accommodated.

Hopefully, this is going to be an answer...

We will. Whatever it takes.
-Steve Rogers

No matter what, I wish everybody will have a great time playing MCOC!!


  • Interesting.

    But why not insert the Bg # (1/2/3) directly instead of military style # of bars ?
    Or even replace the whole symbol itself with just labels “AQ1” and “AW3” (for example), or whatever the 2 letter common abbreviation of each would be according to your Language setup.

    And if you’re using the BG Assignments tool, it could show as a grayed out AQ1 (etc) until you join when it would actually become white (and of the # that you actually joined, in case you went somewhere other than your assignment).

    But if not using Assignments, then that label spot would be empty until you actually joined.

    Still wish the Green (active) indicator would also be visible directly within the BG's Attacker Roster List for quicker visualization.
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