5* Punisher issue not addressed



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    Hey guys, bottom line is....5* PUNISHER wasn't available before the maintenance. We all know that.....

    The problem is, they won't admit it because that would mean they would need to give back the battle chips or rectify it somehow and that would cost them too much time to do it....

    Notice if this was something that benefited the community, they would go into your account and take it back. But, when it is something that benefits them in some way, they do nothing. Interesting....

    Basically, they don't want to do the work to give us our BC back. Pretty low if you ask me. Now I know why they have low player retention and bad public relations.

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    Dropfaith wrote: »
    Nobody really treats Kabam with respect so really why should they. The community certainly hasn't earned this respect you speak of

    The business that demands it's customers treat them with respect before they treat their customers respectfully goes out of business. FYI.

    PS: I don't think the OP was remotely disrespectful and i also that his question is completely valid. Furthermore, if a company makes a mistake, it is easy to forgive if they own their mistake and attempt to rectify it. That sort of action breeds loyal customers. Kabam should consider this an opportunity more than anything else.
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    Cash cow. You'll see MCOC 2 dropping late 2018.
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