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35.9 mill Ally w/ AQ 5x5 mix mods, CHILL AW T4/T5, LINE Req, Looking for a couple new Summoners

[H.FU] - House of Fat Unicorns

We will have 2 - 3 openings coming end of the current AQ cycle. We've collectively decided to dial it back in AW since Season 19. As a result, we require 2 - 3 active/loyal heads. Players that understand loyalty, teamwork, and communication = growth. Good communication is key #1, helps us remain organized, and aware. We're looking for a players that are capable of finishing AQ Map 5x5, consistency is KEY #2. That have 10+ 5* R5 or 6* R2, 12+ 5* R4+ or 6* R1+ or better. LINE app is REQUIRED to maintain communication. AW T5+ EXPERIENCE IS A MUST, as we will eventually return to competitive AW play down the road when it makes sense to do so. We understand that this a game, and not your life here. We're asking for participation, and communication. This Alliance is all about making things work, and do so by sticking together (just the same, reward leeches will not be tolerated). NO HOT HEADS or DRAMA QUEENS here, nor wanted here. We like to maintain a chill and positive atmosphere here. This is a game after all, and it SHOULD be fun. Our mentality is 'We'll make it work.' So here's a general breakdown of the Alliance...

-Weekly SA we get at MINIMUM the 500k milestone reward weekly
-Alliance Prestige 9.9k - average 260+ Million points weekly in AQ 34th Peak Milestone/Rank 1,200s
-AQ participation in Map 5x5 with a Mix of Epic & Master Modifiers
-AW Tier 4/5 - We landed Platinum 4 S11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Gold 1 17 & 18, however these days we're taking it easy with 2 BGs, & minimal item usage
-AW Defense evolves with the Defense Tactics
-Line App a MUST
-No major/unreasonable expectations here (meaning no event mins, just participation to the best of your ability)
-We always complete peak milestones for Item Use, Completion, and all other Alliance Events short of the arena ones.
-Looking for level 60 players with a 800k+ rating that has 10+ 5* R5 or 6* R2, & 12+ 5* R4/55 or 6* R1+ champs or better.
-Minimum Prestige of 9.5k+ is REQUIRED; higher is always better and welcomed
-We are primarily a North American Alliance between BG1 and BG2. Looking for 2 - 3 North American players, however would be willing to take in 1 overseas player to swap out a US player from the mixed bag that is BG3. A basic understanding of English is needed to maintain communication during AW and AQ.

If you feel you're a good fit, feel free to get back to me. Please contact via LINE as the in game messaging system seems to malfunction for me at the WORST of times. So please, do not contact in game. I check my Line messages quite frequently, so I should answer fairly quickly (unless I happen to be at work or asleep, lol). Looking forward to your messages. Have fun out there!

IGN - Sirius Break
Line ID - siriusbreakmkii

P.S. - We've maintained the core lineup of players for a long time so, we're ideally looking for a long term players who want a place to stay for the long haul. Most of our players have been together for years. Personally been with this crew for over 3 years now. We like to maintain a tight knit crew who can depend on one another. We're H.FU, and together, WE'RE UNSTOPPABLE!


  • Definitely need 3. I'll be at work today between 12:30 - 4:30 PM EST so please be patient, I definitely will get back to you.
  • Still looking for 3. Can be flexible on Prestige if you're at or slightly above 9k. If you're looking for that long term deal that's fun and generally stress free (short of self imposed stress, lol), hit me up!
  • Down to 2 spots to fill. Hit me up on Line App and I'll get back to you ASAP.
  • Still looking for 2 Summoners. Ideally before AQ cycle and AW Season kicks off. Contact via Line with any questions.
  • In need of 1 overseas player now. The US slots are likely filled, but there MIGHT be one extra slot available there as well. Hit me up if you're interested.
  • Need 2 US, and 1 overseas player. New guy was a jumper.
  • Just need 1 US and 1 overseas. Overseas opening available immediately. US position available after AQ cycle ends.
  • Still looking for the above mentioned players. Same parameters mentioned. Hit me up on Line app if you're interested! Looking forward to meeting and greeting some new Summoners!!

    LINE ID - siriusbreakmkii
  • May have the US slot filled, but definitely still need an overseas player. Contact me via Line app.
  • Another retiree. This time due to bad RNG. So another US slot is open.
  • By the way, if I don't answer right away, please be patient. I'll be at work for the next 5 hours. Will get back to you as soon as I can!!
  • Still looking for 2 US, 1 overseas. AQ kicks off tomorrow. Feel free to contact with any questions (lots of jumpers and RNG rage quits as of late, in short.... bad luck 😒)
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