AQ Map 3 Just stole ~600,000 Points from me in the Boss fight!

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Hi Team not sure how to report this. Tried via the in-app reporter tool but I could not find a category to fit this issue into. About 45 mins ago on my Google Pixel 2 running Android 11 with Sept 5 Security update and game version 28.1.0 I just experience a very odd thing. I just took on final AQ Boss Doom BG2 with Human Torch with flame on activated. I took Doom down to 1-3% health remaining which nearly one-shot him and was given 0 points. I finished the final 1-3% with Corvus and got 19,000k for that. I figured we are missing about 600k in points from the fight. Please see screen shots and let me know if you need me to do anything else. Oh, my in game name is also Magonus. Thanks all.


  • Compare your BG points to one of your other Map-3 BG's that have (or will) finish today and see if still missing points.
    (or compare to tomorrow Map-3, adjusting for any change in Prestige from Win/Loss today).
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    @SummonerNR Unfortunately I can't. We did not run 2 Map-3's. Good suggestion though. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious Can this issue be officially logged as an issue? Can my Alliance [PHEAR] PHEAR Ascending be credited the missing points? Happy to submit logs or anything you need from my device I just do not know what steps you need me to follow. Thanks so much!
  • If you’re not running another Map-3 today (or later days either), then maybe compare that map to another completed map by comparing their Map Multiplier number.

    Not sure if 2 maps points are exactly different based just in their Multiplier difference, but a sizable chunk off Boss Points would definitely be apparent if indeed they were missing.

    ie, compare points from a 4.7x map versus a 3.0x map, and see if the points were indeed in a 4.7/3.0 ratio for that map in question,
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    You could also input your variables into the AQ calculator on the following website and see what your estimated points should be.
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    Don't worry, it's just a visual bug.
    You got your points
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