Nebula or Medusa

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Hello all, I am nearing the time for my act 5 completion, and I need to start thinking of a counter to Ultron. I have a 5* nebula at rank 2 and a 4* Medusa at rank 4. Both are unawakened but I am planning to use my generic ag from act 4 100% on Medusa. Also Medusa would be good on defense. However Nebula and Omega are my only 2 bleed immunes. Who should I go for??

My roster for reference

Nebula or Medusa 25 votes

Medusa only if awakened
Chewie420MephistoValentinos13 3 votes
Medusa even not awakened
JBC89ThatGuyYouSaw235TheHoodedDormammuRamadaEtjamaSarvanga1_Thicco_ModeBonzodavidRenaxqqJragonMaster170GiuliameijSaltE_Wenis69Ze1o_ッShenkCrcrcrcCowabungaThe_Sentry06[Deleted User]hefy2000HavocGamer49 21 votes
Other (please specify
Grean 1 vote
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    Medusa even not awakened
    you don't need the sig for ultron. I used a duped 4* r4 and it was easy peasy. the sig adds furies and autoblock, neither of which are necessary for medusa to shut down robots
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    Other (please specify
    Black widow Claire Voyant or aegon should be ranked up
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    Medusa even not awakened
    All you need is the Armour Shattered buff and try to rotate Sp3s if possible, that way you constantly have it up.
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    Other (please specify
    but he already has cmm, so there's no point of ranking meds
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    Medusa even not awakened
    I am a huge nebula fan. And have her at rank 5/65 5*. I do not really like medusa.
    However, in your particular case. Medusa is a much better option.
    Nebula works aswell, but she requires way more skill since you cannot lose your charges or else she doesn`t work for ultron.

    I did it with my corvus back in the day. He was a 5 star r4. But your 4 star can do it aswell. Just bring proxima. let him evade ones, and it is an easy victory from there. Especially if you are talking completion, since a revive here and there will not matter if you only have to do it ones.
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    Other (please specify
    Claire is the best for the ulron cuz u don't have to worry about his buffs, and her sig ability allows her to tank sp3s when her death touch is active
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    Medusa even not awakened
    Ok thanks y'all, Medusa it is I guess. Im gonna try with the rank 4 first and if I struggle I will r5 her. Sadly my corvus will be a distant option as I will not have enough ISO to get him from r2 to r5.
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    Other (please specify
    Gwenpool is also good for the damage cap on his specials
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    I've never used Medusa for him, odd as I have her maxed as a 4*. He was a peice of cake for exploration with a 5* r3 Nebula though. However I did use the Proxima synergy so I could start the fight with -100% AAR on Ultron. It was pretty easy, as long as you can backdraft. I'd do 3 hits, back off, intercept, 5 hits, bait sp1, punish/use own sp. You absolutely cannot parry, i tried a few times to throw off a big sp2 after getting to 20 electroshock charges but he evaded and i got combo'd. Maybe i timed it wrong. You'll have to build back to 5 charges asap. Her block proficiency isnt great.

    If you keep an eye on his buffs you can do it with anyone tbh. I tried with CapIW one time I screwed up and he worked fine (5* r4).

    I'd totally suggest Nebula with Proxima synergy tho. I used a max 3* for initial completion. Took some revives but nothing extreme. Definitely try it at least.
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    Medusa even not awakened
    Defo medusa either way no doubt
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