Kabam forgive and please don't ban anyone...

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Is the bug not Kabam's fault after all?
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    What I would like is a statement in the news/announcement but. They’re up and at work now. Clarity would be nice rather than searching through a 800 comment thread.
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    Was it ok to go through each difficulty? I thought that you could play each difficulty once daily
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    anaLysis_ said:

    Was it ok to go through each difficulty? I thought that you could play each difficulty once daily

    It was intended that you can do the quest infinitely to get lost souls and whatnot but you are now getting additional shards from which wasn't intended.
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    I highly doubt they'll pull out the ban hammer since you can't gain an unfair advantage this time around (unlike treasure island). The crystals aren't live yet, so they can just remove the extra shards and that pretty much fixes everything. But ban or not , don't exploit a bug. It's not worth the risk.
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    I don’t think Kabam will ban the players who just ground the new side quest (in same difficulty) twice or thrice. But the extra shards would likely be taken away.

    If you already ground them quite a few times (e.g. more than ten times), I believe the probability to getting banned will significantly increase, as this behavior indicates that you are trying to take an advantage of the bug to grind shards “illegally”.
  • XygonXygon Posts: 91
    I would say it's only abuse if you knew it wasn't supposed to act that way. The awakening gems was obvious. This was not. I had no idea (though a-I didn't get shards every time, and b-I only ran it two or three times, not 98)
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    You guys agreed to the Terms Of Service and so you are now subject to whatever Kabam does. Stop complaining and LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES
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    This months theme is punishment, vengeance, and justice with ghost rider. And you are asking for forgiveness?
    Just pray you are incinerate immune....
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