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Hope y’all good.
I’d like to have a recommendation on the aw matchmaking. If there’s another which is suggesting such Idea, sorry, i found a few where people were complaining about alliance rating differences, but not about this.

I noticed that sometimes the matchmaking ignores the tiers. I know, the basis is war rating and the top 0.1% has very few alliances, still t1 should be matched with t1 alliance. T2 with t2, and so on. Why?
Because the t1 alliance that beates the sh*t out of a t2 alliance with 40m alliance rating and 2k war rating does not deserve the 8x multiplier. It is just not fair. If the top 0.1% is only 40 alliances, then that is still 39 different matches in a season as an option. And as i mentioned, in fair terms.

Thanks for hearing me.



  • pseudosanepseudosane Posts: 561 ★★★
    Agreed, Stay within tiers to determine the best. Doesnt the matchmaking try to match based to war rating now? No idea how such mismatches happen.
  • DzsozDzsoz Posts: 14
    This is still an existing problem in my opinion.
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