So what to do with what team

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Only got
V5 And v1 left to explore
last 4 LoL paths
Abyss ( Have to start)
Act 6 ch2 - ch4 Exploration

and yes thats a R2 WS and R5 Rocket
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    anyone? :P
  • GhostboytjieGhostboytjie Posts: 776 ★★★
    BTW I wass thinking if i Do abyss and get my t5 class Ill rank these

    Skill - R3 WS
    Mutant - R3 Havok
    Mystic - R3 Doom
    Cosmic - R3 Kamala ( I like her actually)
    Science - Dont got any 6* science
    Tech - Dont got any 6* Tech
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    Go tackle V5 then finish off act6 and if you need finish LoL.
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    Well I can do v5 explore. its not that hard but im not in the mood for longish questsishish if you know what I mean

    I could do LoL since Ægon is sig 23 and I can maybe up his sig.

    And Im not sure if i wanna go back into v1 again...

    And what would be a Main Team Overall to use for 6.2 - 6.4 explore? I did paths here and there on 6.2 and 6.3 and also some on 6.4 ( 6.4 cause I needed a few t2a so I did some paths for frags)
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    Do AoL. You need another 2500 units and a potion stash but that’s only a couple of weeks arena.

    You have Aegon, Doom, Void which is the 3 biggest bases covered. Your Aegon will be ramped up pretty well by the second fight and if you have R3 options in 4 classes that you’re happy with that’s good odds of a successful opening.
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    There is no main team for act 6 exploration tbh. 6.2 certainly is very niche and needs a bigger roster than you have at the mo.

    Void, CMM and Doom were my MVPs (that you have) for exploration
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    anyone else to help?
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    respect for the Racoon lol
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    Nice Rocket
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