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Why can't we get new ways of acquiring iso



  • SolswerdSolswerd Posts: 1,790 ★★★★
    Noodes_ said:

    When I was buying crystals, always had plenty of iso. Now that I don’t, it’s a shortage. Pretty sure Kabam planned it that way

    Lol....or you had plenty of iso back when you were buying crystals due to getting iso from buying crystals and duping champs?
  • WOLF_LINKWOLF_LINK Posts: 478 ★★★

    I agree almost never have iso. I also do arena but the iso from phcs just disappears instantly. Even one 4* dupe isnt enough to take a 5* from r3 to r4 and although I disagree that 4* are harder to get than 5* I rarely get dupes and I have 70 4*

    Well, I‘ve got 160x unique 4* (most of them dupe) ... as every Late Game Player.

    [So I can fully understand, why they restrict Summoner Showdown (Torunament mode) to 4* only or did the 4* Cavalier Goals last month.]

    And I‘m doing 100% of all the monthly stuff (except 100% new Cavalier, too time consuming). But still, 5* were more common lately. Summoner Showdown, weekly Summer Boss Rush, Mutant Treasure Island and more ... tons of Side Events filled with 5* stuff. So I probably got 20+ 5* and just half that many 4* at best.
  • Finalflash8Finalflash8 Posts: 78
    It would be nice to have an iso-based daily quest. Kinda sucks to have all the cats and gold to r3 a 6* but because it takes so much iso, you're stuck. First world problem maybe, but it's a problem.
  • ChagaljChagalj Posts: 22
    I have 3 6 stars at lvl1 r1, no iso. Have 15 basic t5 cats, 30 t2 alphas, at least 6 5s champs which are r5 worthy - and no ISO. Have 6s champs ready for r3 couple thousands shards away - no ISO. Kabam, please solve this. I've played this game from the beginning, iso was never the issue. Now it is, and it is a big issue. Make some iso options other then 4s dupes.
  • Can we please get a daily quest for class iso like we do for catalysts!?! That would so helpful because right now the only way to get a quantity is by going back a 100% completing quest and doing so takes an unnecessary amount of energy which I think is another issue! Please consider this request. I think that a setup like with really helps all summoners as a whole
  • JohannTheRedJohannTheRed Posts: 13
    I have a suggestion...
    They create a daily mission to get some catalyst, so why don't make a daily mission that permit you to get ISO CRYSTAL? like 2 difficulties each giving you basic iso and one day a week a class iso crystals. ISO crystals of course have to contain a good amount of ISO so you can farm it making this mission daily. This will help to rank up champs.
    What you think?
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