Best story/eq quest for ISO

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Title. Need to level up my 6* g2099 but need lot of iso. I usually do 4.3.3 "Threats" and do the 4* treasure path. It gives great deal of basic iso but takes half an hour to do. So, I was wondering if any other quest could give lots of iso and not be time consuming. Thanks.
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    you could explore the one eq chapter that give some tech iso (not that it would help)

    completing uncollected objectives give the crystals which have a chance at iso as well
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    If you want iso, some level of grinding is required. I usually do the act 4.3.6 Venom quest, direct to the boss. It gives a t4 basic iso for 4 energy.

    But dude 4.3.3 is better than doing the 4.3.6 venom quest over and over and over and over and over again. It is so tiring and boring.
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    Buy crystals or be patient. It's SO much grinding to level up a 6* from quests. Kabam epically failed to scale up ISO-8 rewards with story progression.
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    Cav Objective crystals give a ton of T5B Iso.
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    Cav Objective crystals give a ton of T5B Iso.

    Not cav by the way. Just finished act 5 yesterday.
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