Confusd over war points and rank gain and loss

This season we r already in the 11th war. We started the season in somewhere top 150 rank of Gold 2 (T5). Below is the sequence from war 1 to 10.

War 1 - we did 3 bgs, got a p4 ally opponent, only manage to kill 1 boss, going 1 side in sec 2 to kill boss
War 2 to 6 - we did 2 bgs, got 3 g1 opponents and 2 g2 opponents, all wars were t4..we win won all 5 of them and went up o within top 100 of g1
War 7 - we went into t3. we did 2 bgs, got a p4 opponent, again, only manage to kill 1 boss and went only 1 side in sec 2 to kill boss. we dropped to rank 300 in g1
War 8 and 9 - we were back to t4, we did 2 bgs war, got g1 n g2 opponents, beat them both, yet only went to rank 219 in g1
War 10 - now back at t3, we did 1 bg war, thinking we would minimise the loss in pts and drop in ranks. So we went 1 side both sections n manage to down boss, but of course we lost on exploration. Yet while the pts loss was minimal, we dropped from 219 to 510 in g1!!

We have won 7 outta 10 wars and yet we each loss drops our ally over 200++ ranks each time and each win only up us by 40 to 50 ranks..can someone please explain the logic of the pts gain and loss and how does the rank gain and loss operate..

Previous season we won 7 outta 12 wars and was starting at the end of g1, yet we ended up top of g2..

It'll b grateful if any of the kabam admin can help explain the situation..


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    Gold-2 does not equal Tier-5. They have different meanings.

    Platinum/Gold/Silver are in-season Rankings based on how many POINTS you earn from each war throughout the Season (the Points from Explore, Attack Bonus, Boss Kills, and any Win bonus, etc).
    And so obviously, you can score more Points by running full 3 BG wars, instead of 1 BG or 2 BG's.
    Looks like most of your wars were 1 BG or 2 BG, so you were falling behind (points wise) to other teams that were getting higher points from running 3 BG's.
    Final Season Standings (Platinum/Gold/Silver) are based on these total Season Points.

    TIERS are based on your War Rating, which goes up/down with each win/loss.
    The Map you play on (and thus the multiplier factor for points each war) is based on what Tier (War Rating) you are in, and it is based on your War Rating's “percentile brackets” compared to the overall number of Alliances.

    You may have started the season in Tier-5 (War Rating), but that does not mean you started in Gold-2 (everyone actually starts with 0 season points at beginning of season, so nobody is really Gold/Silver anything until some wars have been played).

    Hope that helps.
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    You started the Season with 0 Pts. as everyone else did. You did not start at Rank 150 of Gold 2.

    The Tier is based on your War Rating and just important for the Pts. Multiplier.
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