Best Use of Units/Revives/Heals?

I'm currently going for exploration on 5.3, being a merely above-average player some revives are needed.

I think I used to waste a load of units by team reviving and then team healing back to full health, that costs 310 units to bring everyone back to (pretty much) 100% health.

Lately I've just been using the 100 unit 40% team revive and not bothering with the heals at all. Factoring in 3 points in courage, for the same 300 units, that gives me 120% of my team (vs 100%) and all of that at +20% damage (as opposed to only half of it).

Other than matches vs champs such as Iceman, who damages you automatically at the start of the fight, is there any reason to use the heals at all (unless you simply have them in your stash)?

I'm keen to discuss the most cost-efficient way of getting a team through tough content, and interested to hear how everyone else does it (for the sake of argument, forget you have a stash).


  • no you are doing what I do if item are needed
  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,628
    Working on 5.3 as well. I know for the tech map I just revived SL with a synergy team and only used him. Skill map I just used crossbones and just used a revive on him. For crossbones I thnk I used heals I had in my stash but never bought any.
  • Doing what I do but I just bump ultron back over 50% as well when using. Reality is unless you have full team of rank 4 5* 5/50 4* will die in 2 combo landed against either way. So it's really about managing chip damage and not making any mistakes
  • I've been working through 5.3 exploration too. It's best to save the health potions for the dormammus (I believe that there is 1 on every map).
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,422
    Bringing good champs is most of the battle. Plan at your path and bring the best champs. I suggest grinding a few revives before each run that way you don’t go through your units as quickly
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