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Forum Bug, scrolling in thread JUMPS around screen

New, started yesterday.
Scrolling around (up/down) in a thread is causing sporadic/random “jumping around” within the thread.
Anyone else seeing this recently ??

Like sometimes just jumps to somewhere else completely different within the thread.

Have tried complete device shutdown, no help.
Does not happen in other websites, or other News Apps. So NOT a generic problem with Device (and was not a new OS update).

iPad 6th Gen (2018) iOS 14.0.1 (noticed there’s a new 14.1, but haven’t downloaded it yet).


  • This is even happening while you are typing a reply comment. During typing it sometimes jumps out of Edit Mode and to somewhere else (or to maybe just the bottom) of the thread.
    Then you have to go back into Editing in the white edit box.

    (in addition to happening just from scrolling up/down within a thread, not even editing)

    Seems to be a “refresh” problem with the Forums maybe. Like you are hitting your browser's Refresh button, even though you are not. But Refresh doesn’t typically jump you to somewhere else on the page. So this is more than just that.
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 5,996 Guardian
    edited November 2020
    Still happening, and still annoying, making it hard to use Forums.

    (more info...) As you scroll up/down in a thread, it jumps back to the location/comment where you first entered the thread at.
    So say you click on a thread you had looked at before, and there are some newer comments added to it. You initially go to the first comment that is newer from where you last had read.

    Then as you scroll up/down, it jumps back to that “first of the newer” comment locations (if still on the same page).

    Also makes it hard to actually add a new comment of your own to it because even while editing it will jump your visible location as well.

    (edit) originally I reported on iOS 14.0.1, have since been running iOS 14.2 with same problem. So Forum problem is same no matter which iOS was running,
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 5,996 Guardian
    edited December 2020
    (quote from another thread...)

    Different forum glitch but when loading forums they sometimes break when scrolling. Gets fixed by reloading, odd.

    @SkyLord7000 , yes, sounds like what I have mentioned for past couple months, but issue never got any traction.
    (or else it's just affecting a very small amount of ppl, which I doubt).

    Still happening.
  • Hi! We are aware of this issue but don't have a fix just yet, but hope to have one soon.
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