Who to use the awakening gem on?

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I have just finished act 5. I did it with the thing synergies as i did not have ghost and it was the easiest way. I just recently pulled doc oct as a 6* and already have stark spidey for tech as well. Do i use the AG on ghost and try to go for cav? Keep in mind i dont have a 5* wasp and im an above average ghost player. Or do i go for dr voodoo and finally have a usable mystic. I have 2 skill AGs and one Cosmic but havnt had anyone worthy of them yet. This picture is all my 5* and my two 6* are doc oct and DXF(ik i wanted to die as he was my first ever)

Who to use the awakening gem on? 7 votes

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Someone else
Save it
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    If you really want to use it, Ghost is the best bet. She will be worth it for a very very long time. You can always use a lower level wasp in other content. You will never regret using it on Ghost because she is useful for the whole of act 6 and one of the top champs in the game.

    I wish I had a dpx as a 6 star. He would always come with me together with my nick fury in act 6. Especially when you unlock suicides, it helps a lot. Basically 1 or 2 free specials, since you heal it back the next fight.
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    Save it
    Save it for Nick Fury or Aegon. These are 2 champs that are radically changed by their sig ability. Ghost doesn't need hers, awaken her with a Tech AG if you have one but always save your generics for Nf or Aegon
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