iPhone 12 pro Max issue! (Help me plsssss)

Okay.. so I just got the iPhone 12 pro Max and I cannot parry or block on the phone unless I hit the very middle of the screen, side note I am a girl with very tiny hands so this is proving difficult, if I try and parry either it doesn’t block so I get hit or it drags me back.

Half the time aswell I can’t block at all I just stand there like ‘yeah please hit me in the face with an sp1 I live for this ****’

Please tell me other people are having the same issue or they have a solution because I’m not a stun immune fighter, I don’t dex like a god, I’m just out here trying to live my best life as a parry god and get war MVP.

Help would be appreciated!

Muchas Gracias


  • Nightsbane576Nightsbane576 Posts: 36
    Same problem, also when trying to launch a heavy they just sit there or dash backwards, glad I’m not the only one, now to see if they test this or look into it
  • I’m having the same issue, just purchased the 12 pro max and having trouble launching a heavy attack after a parry. I’m also having connection issues on 4G which I’m not having on my old IPhone X, not sure if it’s related. I don’t have issues connecting to any other Apps.
  • AshleyyTweetsAshleyyTweets Posts: 60
    Thank god! I thought I was alone in this, I have to use my old xs plus to play as it’s actually unplayable on the 12 max! Hopefully they now look into it
  • VinshadeVinshade Posts: 17
    This game has become unplayable with iPhone 12.
  • ThecurlerThecurler Posts: 489 ★★★
    iPhone 12 and inputs are all over the place.
  • AshleyyTweetsAshleyyTweets Posts: 60
    I think a lot of people seem to be having the same problem now I’m just glad I Atleast have another phone cause I was locked in war and AQ starts tonight and I’m leader so can’t be wiping out in the first champ!
  • Jofford1Jofford1 Posts: 4
    Same here! Can’t dash back, sometimes my champ moves forward unprompted, touch responsive is inaccurate, kicked out of side requests before timer expires, and can’t hit heavies sometimes. I’m using iPhone pro max. In game ID- Inhuman Thief
  • Jomar81ngJomar81ng Posts: 1
    Wow thought it was me! Can I have revives for all the times my attacker moved forward instead of blocking / not throwing heavy / not blocking when I actually did
  • Same problem here. Always dropping blocks or just not blocking in the first place.
  • Speedro420Speedro420 Posts: 369 ★★
    I have an 11 and I drop inputs all the time. I have to be very careful about thumb placement as well because I doesn’t always register special taps either. Just block block block. It’s been bad the last few months. I think the 12 pro model isn’t optimized at all right now for some reason.
  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 6
    Playing quake has been rough. Phone misses inputs. I hold to charge a heavy and quake just stands there. Other champs inadvertently dashing both ways when hitting block or heavy. Or sometimes nothing happens at all. Something definitely bugged on the 12 pro max. Everything was fine on my old Xs max on the same iOS and same game version. Too bad that was sent back. Please fix!
  • DJ_SergyDJ_Sergy Posts: 7
    I’m having the exact controls sensitivity issues. Blocks sometimes registers as dash forward, dash back sometimes registers as dash forward, heavy sometimes registers as dash back or dash forward.

    Plenty of posts about it Hopefully kabam acknowledge the issue and it gets addressed asap. Apparently has something to do with the DPI of new phones, same thing happened when XS was first released.

  • drewtrivdrewtriv Posts: 76
    Me two
  • VinshadeVinshade Posts: 17
    How come no one from Kabam is saying anything about this problem. At least acknowledge your looking into the issue.
  • BeansBeans Posts: 1
    Well it’s nice to see it’s not just me having the same problems but damn something needs to be done. 12 pro max and I try to block and my champs dash forwards, hold for a heavy and nothing happens, where you at Kabam?!?!?
  • Skywalker3221Skywalker3221 Posts: 41
    I am having the same issues on new iPhone 12. It feels like auto play is enabled at all times and input is completely random. Game is unplayable at the moment
  • Upanddown_69Upanddown_69 Posts: 12
    edited November 26
    Happening to a ton of people... I literally just got destroyed by trying to launch a heavy and having omega red just stand there doing nothing. Got knocked out straight away.

    Now this is costing me money!!

    See other thread here:
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