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Hello, I have been banned for 720hrs, few hrs later perm banned. What happend?
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  • Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 783 ★★★
    Don’t violate policies and be respectful in global..... there is a strong possibility you deserved it.
  • NihoyaNihoya Posts: 46
    I understand but I got banned for 720hrs why have it changed to perm?
  • HarpenerHarpener Posts: 35
    You’d have to email support since they can’t help you here. Be polite and respectful but they might have decided that the situation that originally gave you a 720h ban is one that they are now permanently banning players for.
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    Best way is to contact them using this link. Forums are not the place to discuss account bans OP. Good luck
  • These Forums aren't the place to discuss any actions which have been taken on individual accounts, including in-game bans. There's more information HERE regarding account bans.
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