Games Acting Wacky

Hey everyone, my alliance and I have noticed a few things have been off over the last few days. Primarily, more than a handful of people have been having issues with parry not working in multiple modes of game and using different characters.

Then, there’s the ol, revive, heal, boost, then try to fight in AQ or war, only for game to freeze or stall out and lose 50 percent of health for a fight that didn’t happen.

And finally, more specific fight I just fought NC using Falcon in war, he was on mini boss fights with stubborn, limber, and spry. I locked on and and took off half his health, no evades nothing as planned. Tried to reset lock on, but had missed a parry and was down. Ok, I revive heal up and go back in. Lock on, and I get evaded, get spy and start to degen. I play calmly and get him down, but not sure why lock on didn’t work second time?

I move over to aq, we are on map 5 with explosive personality for mod and I get to doom. I have venom and symbiot supreme at 5* R5 and VTD 6* R2. All links and nodes are down, but I can’t manage to do more than 500 to 700 damage per hit. I figure, maybe it’s because I am using cosmic. I use SS and same thing, even manage to get to sp3 and no change in damage out put. Another alliance member tries and same thing, except when his Corvus crits. We get doom down, but it was highly unusual.

Anyone else having these or similar issues?


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