Rank up Gem choices and Kabams customer service

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Ever since rank up gems were released, there’s always been a problem where you can’t choose the rank up gem you want to use (class vs generic). In response to this, kabam mods here on the forums have directed us to reach out to your customer service to have them address this issue.

Today, I reached out to support asking them about ranking up my 5* Guilltone 2099.
I have 3 generic 5* rank2-rank3 gems and I have 1 tech 5* rank2-rank3 gem.

Why then am I being told:
They can he,p me now as “a one time exception”???????
“ it is not intended that to use a basic gem if you have a tech gem.”.

WTH is this nonsense.

Having to go outside the game and request help from support , just to use an in game item, is very frustrating and just downright screwed up. Never mind your customer support telling me they can help me as a “one time exception”. Just fix the @&$! Problems with the gems and allow us to choose what gem we want to use instead of defaulting to a class gem over a generic if both are in my inventory.


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    Why didn’t you want to use the tech gem?
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    edited November 2020
    This is actually so wrong from kabam since v6 will probably come out with the same gems as v5 and put them straight in overflow
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    Just use the tech gem....
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    Crcrcrc said:

    Why didn’t you want to use the tech gem?

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    I had a similar problem. Wanted to use a class science gem on my Quake, but also had a 2016 science gem as well. Unfortunately, the game preselected the 2016 gem instead of the other one. I reached out to support and got a similar message as you did, and was forced to use the 2016 gem.
  • I thought I remember a post from Kabam somewhere saying that is an issue that will be addressed (soon ?), but can’t find that reference currently.

    So it may not be this way forever.
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    I wanted to use a class generic 2017 gem on my Blade rather than an unrestricted class and support side they could do it, but there was some BS about the email being used and ultimately I couldn't get the rank.

    I was saving the 2 unrestricted for Stealthy and NF. Since I can't pull either and can't use my gems as I want, I just used one of the unrestricted on Falcon.

    I really hate the gems tho and Kabam support. This shouldn't be this annoying.
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    @Kill_Grey using the 2016 gem is much better than using the class gem cause the class gem can be used on any champ of that class but the 2016 gem has a small pool.

    @Hellblazer120 I wanted to use the general science gem on quake, then damage the 2016 one for shehulk.
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    Wow, hearing that others have had problems doing this via email w/ support makes me even more concerned. This process sucks.

  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 2,280 ★★★★
    Looks like Kabam will continue to ignore this ongoing problem.
  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 2,280 ★★★★
    Obviously they want to bury this issue since this thread no longer jumps to the top of the page when a new comment is made.

    Pretty standard level of service - downright poor
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