How good is professor X?

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Is he a top 3 mutant just by himself? I have him rank 4 unduped at the moment but his synergies and his ramp up is so satisfying to do. Thinking about rank 5ing him. Kt1 did a video of him and he's at the beyond god tier the way he was playing him.


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    Definitely not a top 3 mutant but he is up there as a top mutant.
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    I'm gonna rank my Prof X to R5 this weekend. You'll unlock his potential the more you play him. I'm currently bringing him in Incursions and he's a beast there (Perpetual Offense, Attribute Multiplier, Enhanced Prowess, and Special Refund). His rampup isn't too bad as he is still good in his first fight unlike most rampup champs. Once you have at least 4 prowess by holding block after a special or doing standup intercepts, he'll already deal good damage. Try to practice baiting a dash attack and then intercept with a heavy while charging, you'll have more fun.

    Not Top 3 but he's not just a Synergy champion.
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    @Rockypantherx has a long post explaining how he's played.
  • xandersrevengexandersrevenge Posts: 263
    KAYDA said:

    He’s pretty good, but not better than Mags, Sunspot, Colossus, OR, AA etc...but, that +100% sp damage synergy for all your other mutants after 3 wins, makes him worth the r5 🤙🏼

    That's a wicked mutant synergized team. Mine is prof x, Colossus, magneto red, warlock, and longshot because he gets that x-men synergy
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    Kill_Grey said:

    @Rockypantherx has a long post explaining how he's played.

    Here it is. Don’t know if it’ll help you too much, but he’s a great champ. Not top 3, but probably hovering around 6-8th in the class
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