Advice to those who want to complete Act 6

So, I had been holding off on completing Act 6 until Cyber Weekend. When I realized I wouldn’t be getting any Tier 5 Class Catalyst, I decided to use my 10,000 units (I spent the other 5,000 units) on completing content.

I got through Act 6.3 and 6.4 in about 3 days of grinding. What I can tell you for those of you who have hesitated completing it is this:

1. It’s not as difficult as I thought it would be. Kabam did a good job on the nerfs and the easy paths are definitely manageable.

2. I still used about 800 units on the grandmaster. Some of that was due to impatience but definitely watch tutorials from KT1, Seatin, and MCOC Noob. It’s a highly skilled oriented fight and it requires your attention. Overall, I only used about 1300 units (including revives and energy refills) - not nearly as much as I expected to spend.

3. Having a good roster makes life much easier. I had the luxury of having all 5/65s since I waited to complete it. This turned out to really help me. My MVP without question was Aegon. I could easily get to 300 combo by boss time and at that point he’s the best champ in the game. Red Magento was ABSOLUTELY clutch and so was Doom.

4. Know which 25% class catalyst you want before you beat the Grandmaster. It automatically makes you choose after you defeat him, so ensure you know what is in your inventory beforehand.

5. Have fun. Honestly, with so many units saved up, it makes the game so much more enjoyable. I never sweated using a revive or energy and it really helped me to relax (which actually improved my focus). I think the nerf by Kabam really made Act 6 much more a natural progression from Act 5. If you have moderate skill level, wait until you have 5/65 champs that can handle the content and you have a cushion of units. Enjoy!
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