Favorite Hypothetical Christmas Champions

Here’s mine:

NAME: Santa Claus (a.k.a Saint Nick)
CLASS: Mystic
ABILITIES: See below...

Signature Ability (Lump of Coals) - Each of Santa’s light attacks have the ability to stack one Bleed Debuff on the opponent. Each of Santa’s medium attacks have the ability to stack one Incinerate Debuff on the opponent. Buffs can stack up to 5 each. At max signature level, each buff lasts 1 second - if 5 of the same buff are stacked simultaneously, they all last for a 10 second duration.

Passive Ability - Coldsnap on the opponent timed with the tune Jingle Bells (upon the expiration of the Jingle Bells tune, an extra 5% damage). At 30% health, Santa instantly regenerates 70% health due to Christmas Cheer (cannot take damage during the regeneration phase).

Special 1 (Someone’s Been Naughty) - Santa uses his Bag of Coals to clobber the opponent (100% chance to stun for 2.5 seconds).

Special 2 (Chimney Sweep) - Santa’s magical ability to enter into any house allows him to briefly enter into an opponent and place 5 Stacks of Neurotoxin into the opponent.

Special 3 (Rain of Deer) - Santa uses all of his reindeer to ravenously consume the opponent... with Rudolph using his nose for a laser blast to cook the opponent for maximum edibility. 100% chance to stack 5 Bleed Buffs and 5 Incinerate Buffs.

Feel free to share more!
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