Which 3 star skill to 4/40?

MasterYoda493MasterYoda493 Posts: 16
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I don't have a 4 star skill champ yet so out of these 3 stars which should I 4/40 first?

Which 3 star skill to 4/40? 22 votes

Moon knight duped sig 11
BP unduped
ShaheerFIaz 1 vote
Punisher unduped
Alfa_PigeonSpity68RajhpMasterYoda493Hzori 5 votes
Hawkeye unduped
winterthurSeverus35YellsomeDarkZenSpeedbumpRealPastorAnurag1606TheMageHunterDarkrider05Anonymous346KulsanevinniegainzVerguldSpitfire17583Carme1974 15 votes
Agent venom unduped
Primmer79 1 vote


  • DarkZenDarkZen Posts: 233
    Hawkeye unduped
    hawkeye useful with bleed and power drain
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 6,021 ★★★★★
    Hawkeye unduped
    If you are like me and does not have a 4* power control champ, the next option is 3* version.
  • Punisher unduped
    Hi all just an update, I duped my BP so does that change anything or does Hawkeye still stay top?
  • BP unduped
    Hawkeye is the best and second only to gwenpool in skill but the bleed damage of blackpanther is also very good
    and both are my one of favorite.
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