What is the story behind your favorite champion.



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    He was the champion who got me really interested in the game and in reading comics. His comic arcs are great most of the time and so, he became my favorite marvel character.
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    Captain America..

    When I was a young boy my Grandfather used to take me to this little hole in the wall book shop with him, and he always bought me a few comic books. Then he'd take me to the ice cream parlor where he would read his books and I my comic's, all while enjoying some fresh homemade ice cream.

    Anyways the red, white, and blue costume and shield always appealed to me. I would dig and dig thru all the piles of comics eagerly searching for the ones with this on the top:

    As I grew older the more I realized just how special he really was. I truly cannot think of a more selfless, or pure leader than this guy. The man, Steve Rogers, has left a big impression on my life no doubt.
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    It was christmas morning. Kabam santa gave me 3 free christmas crystals on 2019 christmas. Immediately popped the 3 and got 15k 5* shards. Went to the 5* crystals and clicked pop on the featured 5* crystal and got elsa bloodstone. Helped me a lot and became my favorite champion. Also got her as first 6* so was even more happy.
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    MaxGaming said:

    Moot4Life said:

    @MaxGaming whats the story behind your favorite champion though

    tell me
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    Venom was my first 4 star. He started to grow on me until I dropped Venom and tried out stealth suit. And now Im seeing Cap IW do 100,000 at the new scarlet witch. So there you have it. I could make this into a super long paragraph if I wanted to...

    It was April, I forgot what day it was, when I felt a sudden urge to open a crystal. I had lots of units to spend, so I decided I could gamble for a good 4 star character. I opened the human torch crystals, I carefully dragged it to the spinner, at this point I was already thinking, fantasizing of what I could get. I tapped the screen and it all happened. At one moment, a single crystal, made me yell YES! I had finally gotten a 4 star character. After quitting the game once, I finally did it. I got what I wanted. Thought that may sound pretty pathetic, I didn't have a single 4 star at the time. After a day I was already running to my Ipad to test him out on certain fights. Of course at the time I was a big ol' noob, so I didn't know how to play him at all. All I focused on was the damage coming from bleed. That venom, was the highlight of my month.

    A few months later...

    I was starting to get better at the game. I knew how to do 5 hit combos, I know how to play certain characters, I even knew how to intercept. Again, sounds very pathetic. I was aiming to beat all the different acts. I was ready to destroy act 5. I'd just finished act 4, and also found out that one of my friends plays this game. The funny thing is that my friend also had a 5 star stealth suit. That night when I beat maestro, I did something else (I forgot what it was... fine I admit that I was selling 4 star champs) and got a 5 star hero crystal. I had no hesitation to pop the juicy crystal onto the wheel. No hesitation at all. And guess what? Stealth suit spider man jumps out of the crystal. A great sign of luck.


    My cap did a 100k special 2.

    The end!

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    Moot4Life said:

    MaxGaming said:

    Moot4Life said:

    @MaxGaming whats the story behind your favorite champion though

    tell me
    . . . Why do u want to know . . .
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    Taskmaster's my favorite from the comics, found out he was in MCOC shortly after picking up the game. Grinded for him in 3star arena, my first and only 100% dedicated grind.
    Dropped him for a little bit (started to get/need more 4stars), but quickly started trying to master him after finding and awakening a 4star Taskmaster. Loved the playstyle I found for him, and repeatedly abused WS improving it (still do).
    Didn't even get him as a 5star until like 4 months ago, but now he's 5/65, sig 160. Having fun with sp1 loops and sizable sp2s, haven't regretted it since.
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