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How difficult is the Abyss initial clear vs other content

GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 844 ★★★
I want to attempt the abyss soon. I have completed act 6 and done all (except version 1) variants 100%. I have only done Labyrinth 1 single time, because the rewards no longer seem worthy of the time I will invest in it. But the initial run took me about a handful of revives and free potions to start the fights at full health. I used Colossus for it.
I was wondering where the initial clear of abyss falls in terms of difficutly.
I have about 8-9k units, the act 6 completion compensation and all the horsemen (although I am likely going to use Sym Supreme over Doom) and can add Heimdall, Quake or Proxima for synergies.
I will be running Suicides for most of my run, and will respec on Venom The Duck.

Is it comparable to act 6 initial completion pre nerf. Or would you consider it harder?


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