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  • fallenp0etfallenp0et Posts: 60
    IGN: fallenp0et
    (it's a Zero not an O)
    1st prize : 2 GCC
    2nd prize : 1 GCC
    I opened a 6* Captain Marvel Movie and took her to rank 2 ☺️
  • X_E_CutionerX_E_Cutioner Posts: 126
    IGN: X.E.Cutioner
    Prize: 2 GGC/ 1 GGC
    Got almost every champ i wanted and I'll finally have shiny rank 3 6* before the year ends 🤩🤩
  • BilaldinhoBilaldinho Posts: 8
    IGN: · Bilaldinho ·
    Prize: 2 GGCs or 1 GGC
    Best thing I have no content left in game right now and also expecting a legend title from act 7.1
  • IGN: Baylock
    Stony mastery cores
    I managed to beat act 5 without having too much trouble
  • ShadyshadowShadyshadow Posts: 1
    IGN: Shadyshadow28
    2 GG crystals or 1 GG crystal
    Pulled a 6* Nexus crystal from a cavalier crystal after beating the grandmaster for the first time.
  • DeepworldDeepworld Posts: 15
    IGN: Vinh225
    2GGCs or 1 GGC
    I got the 5* nexus for compensation (I think) and before I opened it, I thought to myself 'wouldn't it be funny if I got Doom from this' and lo-and-behold, guess who it was?
  • JRAWESJRAWES Posts: 58
    IGN- Jrawes
    GGCx2 or GGC.

    Best thing this year is either when I finally did my first completion of Act 6 or pulling and R2 6* BWCV.
  • IGN: Gilmoregirl

    I’d appreciate the 2 GGCs for 1st or the sinE GGC for second place :^)

    Best thing that’s happened was probably getting cavalier before I hit level 60, but I was also excited to get uncollected before level 45? I think? My account is just over a year old now and I’m really progressing faster than I presumed I could.
  • IGN: L3g3ndaryR3ign
    2 GGCs or 1 GGC
    I'm a F2P player. And I opened my very first 6* crystal. It was a Squirrel Girl, so maybe not the very best champ, but still very exciting...
  • Saakkiller1995Saakkiller1995 Posts: 112
    Ign : saak killer
    Two ggcs for 1st
    1 ggc for second
    Best thing this year.
    I got two back to back nexus fivestar crystals from two basic cavalier crystal and pulled a doom from it. And then two days later I got two sixtstars from four basic cavaliers. That's one fo the bes weeks of whole my whole mcoc journey
  • Loake23Loake23 Posts: 5
    I would love 2 greater gifting crystals boss! Or of i get second 1 greater gifting crystal.. best thing thats happened in game for me is probably helping teach newer players the ins and outs.. playing with my son has been the best.. he started playing this year.. My IGN is Loake23.. and you having this post is pretty awesome.. so happy to have the ability to play this game with such amazing people..
  • DanielYorkDanielYork Posts: 42
    IGN: Dirk_Diggler
    The best thing is that I quit for a few months after completing my initial run of abyss and realizing there was nothing left to do that was fun. Close second is getting Captain Sprinkles from that 6* crystal.
  • Poseidon1000Poseidon1000 Posts: 35
    IGN: Poseidon-IOOO

    Request: 2 GCCs or the 1 GCC if second

    Best thing this year: pulling a 4* Aegon and getting his signature was amazing for me
  • cobnobs19cobnobs19 Posts: 1
    edited December 2020
    IGN: cobnobs19
    GGC & stones if first
    Best moment was completing the second quest in chapter 1 of John Mulaney’s with 2&3*s, allowing me to get my first 4* - Mr Fantastic! V pleased as I love Fantastic 4 (I now have a 4* human torch too!)
  • Clarke504Clarke504 Posts: 1
    IGN -Clarke504
    1st prize : 2 GGC
    2nd prize: 1 GGC and 10 full energy fills
    My Best Moment: Summer 2020 kabam decided to make the game go down 10 times in 1 day and they sent us uncollected players a 5 star nexus. From it i had the choice between warlock, invisible woman and ghost. I chose ghost and she has carried me so hard and last week i became cav!!!
  • ScrubhanScrubhan Posts: 157
    IGN - dr.evil1234567
    Duped 6 star aegon from a cavalier crystal that let me do abyss at lvl. 58. The only thing holding me back from thronebreaker was level. (Couldn’t hold enough t5b to rank 3 a 6 star)
  • PizzaGuy245PizzaGuy245 Posts: 45
    IGN= CageMoment
    Prize=2 Greater Gifting Crystals
    Best thing=Finally got Uncollected! Extremely proud of it!
    GGC+Stonys if first, Stonys if second
    My best moment is opening a 6 star corvus from the 2018 cavalier crystals
  • Bigboy27Bigboy27 Posts: 3
    IGN: Big boy 27
    If first want 2 ggc of second 1 ggc
    Best thing that happened I got an 5star doom
  • IGN: Goobinator01
    2 GGC or 1 GGc if second place!
    And my best moment was opening my first ever 5* featured this year to get Tigra, my #1 sought after champ!
  • Silentdoom09Silentdoom09 Posts: 73
    IGN: silentdoom09

    Prizes: 2 GGCs or 1 GGC

    Best moment: Realizing I’ve been with the same group of great people for over 3 years in our alliance, where we can talk Mandalorian, give each other a hard time, complain about our terrible pulls and how our kids drive us nuts, and stick together to get through a wretched 2020. Cheers everyone!
  • IGN: Defenderdude135

    Preferred Prizes:
    1st place - 2 GGC's
    2nd Place - 10 Energy Refills

    Best moment is a tie between getting Cav last month, and pulling a 5 star apocalypse from the epoch shards cavalier crystals this month. Had the resources to take him all the way up to rank 4, so that was pretty insane.
  • IGN: Batman 26 2019
    Prize: GGC please for 1st or 2nd prize)
    Memory: Finally R5'd 5* Ghost, and she is very fun to play!
  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 683 ★★★
    IGN: Ethereality

    1st Place : 2x GGC

    2nd Place: 1 GGC

    This year the game has truly been a escape for lotsa **** stuff has happened in my life. A sick son (but now he's OK) , Mom got a stroke ( bit now she's OK and recovering) lost two out if my three jobs due to the pandemic...

    But the game this year has been good to me, before June 2020 I have had a historically legendary and unprecedented RNG luck in the game, I had all possible memes you can think of and duped them twice or thrice each. But since July I got 6* CMM and Warlock, , my two Magnetos (6* and 5* Red Magnetos) got an awesome buff, got 5* OR, Quake, AA, Domino, Doom, NF, HT, Thing, CAIW , Aegon, BWCV, and got and/or duped a few more good/useful champs... plus I got or had stashed the resources to awaken/sig up/rank most of them.

    Never before in the game I have had such a stacked roster. Before I was effectively locked out of a lot of the game's content due to my dreadful luck. But no more, and for this I am Incredibly happy.

    The best thing? : That the year hasn't finished yet! With all of the end of the year events I am still hoping to get either 5* or 6* versions of Collosus, Ghost, CGR, Corvus or Apocalypse,Void, Prof X...even wouldn't mind Invisible Woman. Fingers crossed! Here's to hoping my luck hasn't run out yet!
  • Blaine_94Blaine_94 Posts: 31
    IGN: Blaine_94
    1 Prize: 1 Greater Gifting Crystal And 10 Full Energy Refills
    2 Prize: 10 Full Energy Refills

    I pulled 6 star Apocalypse in a 300 units cav crystal, as soon as he was released, and I had a mutant t5cc just waiting for him :smiley:
  • ScholiaScholia Posts: 116
    edited December 2020
    IGN: Scholia
    1st: 15 revives
    2nd: ggc

    Opened 3 5 star crystals. Pulled and then duped gambit, leaving me feeling v salty. Few weeks later he gets buffed... insane horseman!

    Close 2nd: resisting buying cash offers yet again 4 years straight (July and cyber w/e)
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