My newest r5 5*. Thoughts?



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    But you do you

    I'm with him. But also the top 10 lists too. KM at 9 and 10!? Wait! Frickin Massacre, Elsa and Falcon are above KM!? Have you even used Killmonger!? Blade at 4!? DDHK at 5!? And where the hell is Night Thrasher!!!!!???? Killmonger and Night Thrasher both deserve to be at like 5 and 6. I could forgive them being just a little lower, but that's ridiculous.
    Have you played the new falcon I have both him and killmonger. Falcon is better for the majority of content and does more damage IMO. He also shuts down so many things.

    I have both as well. Falcon's just so freakin impractical because of his long-ass cooldown and his damage is only better in evade matchups. Killmonger is so much more.
    Falcon has more damage than km whether it's an evade matchup or not.
    No he doesn't. I'm talking awakened KM vs. awakened Falcon. KM has more damage. Plus KM could have half the damage and he'd still be much more useful in many more fights than Falcon.
    Yes he does. I have both of them awakened. Usefulness is a whole other issue as I don't use both of them don't ask me.
    Then you don't know how to activate KM's extra damage while true strike and reverberation are active. Cause KM has more damage overall in non-evade matchups.
    No I know how to use him. Falcon hits harder than killmonger.
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    Well now that you have already got him to R5 share your thoughts first.. where all of you can use him? which content? which nodes he is good for?

    I wanted to use my 2015 Rank 3-4 gem on him and then maybe taking him to R5 when the news came in that he will be getting buffed. Now that he is and many ppl took him to R5 before even the update and then I saw them being disappointed. Maybe you have seen some great usage and utilities which you can highlight

    PS: I must say you have some big courage to take him up even before Hyperion, CAPIW, Domino, Sym Supreme, and Blade (though he is old still has usage in some new content from time to time ). :lol::smiley:

    Courage is my middle name.
    He has some rotations and flexibility. If you are up against bleed immunes, do
    Sp3 and sp1 spam for damage. Weave in heavies once in a while for extra crit damage.
    If you're facing non immunes and the fight is short, my ideal rotation is, get to a sp2, Parry, throw heavy and then launch sp2 before second part of heavy hits. His bleed damage is quite something.
    In longer fights, throwing a sp3 first is best, since it puts you into a extra damage mode, with a % chance for instant bleed on basics. You want to keep up this mode as much as possible in longer fights. When you have this mode active, cycling Parry > Heavy (1 hit of it, you need to combo into sp2) > sp2 and you will see suprising damage. His sp1 is mainly for increasing crit rate which is somewhat useful but not really needed. It's smooth af to fire off though. He is also immune to regeneration disrupting effects, aside from poison.
    Insightful.. where do you put him in ranking among other skill champs?
    Personally, my skill ranking is

    1- NickFury
    2- Aegon
    3- StealthSpidy
    4- Blade
    5- HitMonkey
    6- BlackWidowDO
    7- Elsa
    10- Gwenpool
    Bruh, Ronin is way better than half those.
    Lvernon15 said:

    But you do you

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    Nice to see someone likes him

    I love him. He's rejuvenated my love for the game.
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