Credits, how earning has become harder

I haven't done a calculation, but it seems lately that credits are getting harder and harder to earn. What are your thoughts? I opened a load of battle chips and get the feeling I'm getting less recently. Also, arena earnings have been lowered, if I'm not mistake?


  • It has gotten. Harder for me because after that last arena grind fest I'm burnt out
  • YodaKajYodaKaj Posts: 45
    I opened 30 arena crystals and got 45 credits only. Prob just bad luck.
  • YodaKajYodaKaj Posts: 45
    Was the 3 star arena always 7 credits only per milestone? I thought it was 15 as well before.
  • YodaKajYodaKaj Posts: 45
    This is all in a quest for gifting. Which necessitates grinding ones life away.
  • Furious_Fighter1Furious_Fighter1 Posts: 786 ★★★
    There has not been a change to drop rates of units in Arena crystal. I opened 10 Uncollected Arena Crystal and Got around 900 units. Its all RNG. Sometimes RnG is with you sometimes its against.
  • YodaKajYodaKaj Posts: 45
    Wow. That's high
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