Email change not linking with account

Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 2,194 ★★★★★
One of my alliance members linked his existing account to his new email address (new kabam account as well). When he logged on for the first time with is new kabam account, the game started from the beginning and the account didn't carry over.

Any ideas other than a support ticket?


  • Hi Yoda! It sounds like instead of a linking his account to his Kabam ID, he inadvertently created a new account. Has you alliance member attempted to log in with their previous credentials?

    You can find the steps here on how to link your account to your Kabam ID. If they are unable to access their account, have them reach out to the Support Team for further assistance.
  • Question, if my ID is already linked how do I now change my email? It's using an old email in my kabam forum profile and an old user ID / Name that I've since changed in game..
    I would like to change both of these if possible.
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