Hit Monkey to R4?

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I don't play well with Hyperion so I don't want to use T2As to R4 him. I'm thinking of Hit monkey to R4 as I like to have a diverse class team.

Here are my 5*s as well as top champs including 6* and 4*. I am almost done exploring Act 4 and will have 4 more T2As soon.

No regrets w/ Spidey Symbiote at R4 as his crits and play have come in clutch for me many times and was my first 5* and got me to where I am now with more 5*, won't R5 him as I'll save T5 for 6*s. Looking for opinions on whether other 5*s would be better for act 5 and 6, at 5.1.6 right now.

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  • GunnesGunnes Posts: 28
    Team typically has 6* Hulk Rag, 5*s AA, Spidey Sym, Hit Monkey. The 5th team champ I change around between Rulk, Hyperion, Vision Aarkus or Nick Fury, rarely Magik or Voodoo.
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    Hyperion is your best champ. But if you don't want to go with hyperion then hitmonkey,havok,magik are also solid r4 options.
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    Hit Monkey is a great choice for r4. Also, don't "save T5 for 6*" at this point in your progression. Using your resources to rank up 5*s to r5 (like ArchAngel) is going to be a better investment right now than trying to r2 6*s.
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