Idk why but I’m not rlly that excited.



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    Opened a 5* basic and got a CMM. Its ok but I really don’t want to rank her up for some reason. I’m probably dumb for that but I’m serious. I have 5* nick fury but still. Anyone else think she’s meh or just me.

    First of all I got 4*/5* CMM shortly when she was released, and duped within a month. However I didn’t rank her up further after r3. The main reason are (1) I don’t have 5*/6* NF yet; (2) resources were invested on other cosmic like CGR, Corvus, Hype, Venom etc.

    Nonetheless, now I start investing sig stones on her and she is now at sig 175. I think I’ll r5 her sooner or later because she is really OP when pair with NF, still very good when playing standalone.

    Maybe you don’t like her play style (like what I did before). If you watch few videos talk about how to play her effectively, I think your perception on her may change.
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    She absolutely crushes Cavalier EQ, worth a rank just for that IMO.
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    I really don't get the hate towards CMM. She was my first 6*R2.

    Look, to have disliked Brie Larson's acting, or her character in real life ( other MCU actors also dislike her personality) or even the movie itself is one thing... that I can somewhat understand.

    However, letting that translate into your enjoyment or not of the game I really cant understand. Example: I really dislike the character design of Warlock, find him too goofy for me to take seriously... still he's my srcond 6* R2 because his utility cannot be overlooked. I also dislike the whole idea of spider-ham, don't even see the point of his existence in the Marvel universe, actually... do I want him as a 5* or 6* though? Of course I do! Why wouldn't I want the only degen immune champ in the game???

    So, having NF and a duped CMM and not wanting to rank her just because of Brie Larsson? BONKERS!

    Ranking resources are limited of course son I can understand prioritizing Hype or CGR over her but ... do you run suicides? If you do and have NF then she's a no brainer, better than Hype and CGR of suicides are in play. Duped? Even better!! Sure Hype can and will hit like a truck on SP2 and SP3 but it better be the last one or when oppo has no power cuz if opponent retaliates with a SP3 you're dead. CMM though? You can just go to town full aggressive mode once you're ramped and powered up without worrying of retaliation cuz you'll be indestructible when it happens.

    The only reason I would agree/understand not ranking up a god/beyond god tier champ (if u have the resources to spare that is) is if you truly abhor its playstyle. In my case that'll be Quake. She's sitting as R4 and always will be cuz every time I've tried to learn her playstyle I just dont have fun, feels like a job you have to do but just dont wanna do. Since I play for fun then well, no Quake for me. But it is not because I dislike her character or the actress that plays her on Agent of Shield (which I kinda do ... actually hate the show). So dont wanna do CMM cuz u find her playstyle boring? Sure! makes sense. Dont wanna do her cuz she's Brie Larsson or whatever? BONKERS!

    I actually Like her in her movie but as I said before, CMM as my first r5 4* rlly dissatisfied me for some reason. I used her for like a month and I after I r5d omega and gulk I basically gave up on her. I have Hyperion now as a 5 65 as well as nick fury which is why I don’t want to rank her up. I think I over exaggerated her worthless I’m just saying cuz I have a hype, she’s just ok to me. I know she’s like top 4 cosmic people but compared to hype I don’t know if I even wanna rank her up
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    you have hype lol. hype is easily better than her so you’ll never use her. Even cgr is better than her at this point. so yeah, i get why you’re not excited. still a cool champ though, but hype will probably be used more
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    As a 5*, you really need to bring her up from r4 to r5 to understand how good she is. I was meh on her (since I already had hyperion at r5) until I brought her up to r5, that's where the damage ramp up really shines.

    Once she's ramped up (which only takes a bit of blocking and an sp3 on your first fight), she's one of the fastest lane clearing champs in the game. If you're good with spacing and countering specials and heavies with her heavy attacks, she's insane.

    I will say, there hasn't been any content outside of incursions where she is outright better than Hyperion. Waiting for a variant or something where she really dominates in the future
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    Branu0727 said:

    you have hype lol. hype is easily better than her so you’ll never use her. Even cgr is better than her at this point. so yeah, i get why you’re not excited. still a cool champ though, but hype will probably be used more

    Finally someone understands me
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    Brie Larson is damn fine.
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    I took my CMM straight to r5 four or five months ago and haven't used her in significant gameplay at all.
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