A chance to purchase or obtain a few extra tokens for Jubeli Arcade......

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I attempted to go for the Cavalier proze card milestone for 80 stamps. As of right now I have 69/80 stamps. I have 3 tokens left which means if I use all on Xmen challenge....I will be 2 short. I was then going to attempt go for epic 5-star awakening but Ill be 3 short there. A lot of us before seeing videos from Seatin and others not knowimg the Xmen was only one giving 3 stamps. Most people werent aware till too late that Xmen was only one to play to maximize stamps. It would be a good gesture toward summoners everywhere if u offered a 3 token deal for $10 or something. Please consider this so we can at least have choice to pick something. All the awards require 15 stamps and thats pretty high....just saying
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    a way to earn more would be good but NOT WITH MONEY
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    Really this was the most boring side quest since moleman. It was not hard but took 6 minutes per run which is over 3 hours of time to complete fighting the same fights over and over
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    I’ve seen many posts about this here, also on line app. This side quest was so bad and boring. Yet yes yet. The rewards were very good insofar that one mistake would nullify getting such great rewards after one month of grinding and many hours of repetitive fights. It would be wise for kabam to have planned for the eventuality of mistakes to happen. If they don’t provide a pathway to earn at least one extra entry I will be another fail for kabam in a litany or fails.

    If you made 2,3, or 4 mistakes the responsibility lies on you,

    One mistake early I’m thinking of you bud please make a path for completion.
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    Interesting thing is that we all tend to assume everyone who plays the game has access to Line chats, watches content creator videos and drops into the forums now and then.

    A lot of players don’t. For them, it’s quite possible they’d have zero idea how to run these quests and get the rewards. Without things like the Cat Murdock infographic and other obsessive players, I can imagine looking at this event architecture and making tons of missteps if I didn’t first conclude it was too complex in the first place.

    Dr. Zola
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    I think that is that is why we had 2 weeks to decide which rewards we wanted and we could do everything in a single day. I never do the side quest on day 1 unless the time limit is 24 hrs. We have had screw ups from kabam too many times with regards to side quests. What I am saying is, be patient. No need to rush the content on day 1 unless you are a content creator.
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    Imo, that info should've formed part of an in-game message to ensure EVERY player is aware of such vital details.
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    Imo, that info should've formed part of an in-game message to ensure EVERY player is aware of such vital details.
    This is MY exact point. This information was NOT disclosed at beginning of the event or in game......it was put out AFTER event had started and it was NOT put out prior to the event. You wouldnt know the Xmen was only quest to give 3 and others only one. I personally did the one of Avengers and one Spidey just to see. After I saw a video on Youtube and heard the Xmen only one you should focus on I missed out on 4 stamps. I believe that Q and A posting was an AFTER thought like "oh **** we should tell them this befire people get angry" the info should be disclosed in game......especiallybwith scarcity of resources, high cost of prizes and difference of stamps earned. 3-1 is HUGE difference.
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    Imo, that info should've formed part of an in-game message to ensure EVERY player is aware of such vital details.
    The set-up was more complicated than it needed to be. Fortunately I'm old enough to have actually gone to Arcades and collected prize stamps, which helped...

    I'm not asking for extra tokens, even though I autopiloted into Legendary last night after running it solidly for three weeks to get the T5CC shards; which means that I can't now get the further 2000 6* shards from Epic. One mistake from which you can't recover cost me 2000 easily-achievable 6* shards. Ouch! Still, my bad; and I'm not going to ask for sympathy.

    However, the set-up for Cavalier players to get T5CC shards (currently probably the most important rank-up resource in the game) was very limiting, and made it very easy to make mistakes. I know others who've missed out on that, which frankly does deserve a bit of sympathy.

    People make mistakes: Kabam has been working on the 'Undo' button for AQ for that reason.

    Given that, it would have been helpful if, when opening this quest, Kabam had made use of their previously-used pop-up "Warning: you are about to spend tokens to enter this quest! Tokens will not be refunded if you exit..."

    That would have been helpful.
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