How should a newer player spend my glory?

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Started new account and grinded to cavalier in 4 months. 120 4 star champs, 27 five star and 3 six-star champs. Get about 3000 glory each AQ but not sure the best spending strategy

I’d like to have 30 maxed out four-star champs eventually for arena (currently have 11). I’d like to have all but my meme five star champs at at rank 3 or above, but currently most are stil at rank 1.

My six star BWCV I’d eventually like to take to rank 3 but don’t even have resources to take her to rank 2 now. Five star ghost needs to go to rank 5 and so will Hyperion if I ever awaken him. Probably 10-12 five star champs I’d like to rank 4 eventually.

Currently my stash is full on tier 4 class catalysts across the board. I have 14 tier 2 alpha catalysts and two 5 basic catalysts. I’m always low on tier 1 alpha and tier 4 basic (I do all the arenas and event quests but I have so many champs to upgrade).

What’s my best long-term strategy for glory?

How should a newer player spend my glory? 20 votes

Spend it all on tier 4 basic and tier 1 alpha for now
Prakhar_82Will3808TheBoogyManWooptyfrickendoo 4 votes
Spend it all on tier 2 alpha
Etm34Tony_5tank 2 votes
Spend it all on tier 5 basic
NojokejaymLuke9523Xanatos 3 votes
Split it between tier 5 basic and tier 2 alpha
NimorNockoKen1378Barani7da 4 votes
Split it evenly between T1A, T2A, T4B and T5B
EtjamaEdwxnSarvanga1_JohnyBoyTRDSJBHJ12345___magnus_xixSpiderHammy 7 votes
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    Split it between tier 5 basic and tier 2 alpha
    Im in a similar situation on my mini account, im drowning in T4CC and T4BC... mostly i am OK at T1A so im using all my glory on T2A and T5BC

    Ive got Colossus and Hypes at R5 now, Sym Supreme, Warlock, G99, Venom, Red Gaurdian... figure the sooner i can get all those guys to R5 too, then that'll carry me through any monthly content very easily and give me enough to work on 100% act 5, initial clear of act 6 and some variants
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    Geez, I’ve been playing close to two years (pretty much daily) and I just recently got my 2nd 6*.
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    Spend it all on tier 4 basic and tier 1 alpha for now
    You said it yourself, you have all of the resources except t4b and t1a (and probably iso because you have so many champions to upgrade) so that’s what you should go for.

    Also man, you’ve had really good luck.
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