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Who to rank 2 6*

SergioAsecasSergioAsecas Posts: 49
edited March 2021 in Strategy and Tips
Hi people, im currently working on exploring act 7.1 and im gettin a lot of resources in deposit that will vanish in a couple weeks, so i ll appreciate your opinion, i already have a 5/65 duped Guillotine 2099, and a sybiote supreme duped 4/55 so its one of those champs really deserves to rank 2? In case of sybiote i almost got a t5mystic class cat but is going to my doom so it ll take long time to achieve another t5cc, Many thanks, i forgot including Massacre (unduped)

Who to rank 2 6* 22 votes

Guillotine 2099 (unduped)
TerraDaphboy_Sham_Luke9523Sarvanga1_Gr8TonyStarkCeltic1981JenskeDBarani7datofuシ 10 votes
Symbiote Supreme (unduped)
AssumedNameFiiNCHRenaxqqjscott96 4 votes
BWDO (unduped)
Bpn88855gL4C1eR 2 votes
Angela (unduped)
Param1988odishika123Scrubhan 3 votes
Hulkbuster (unduped)
MiStaLovaPapdichaatScarcity27 3 votes
None of them deserves
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  • ValmarxValmarx Posts: 521 ★★★
    Always look forward to the future.
    Do you have T5CC of Tech or Mystic being formed soon?
    If Yes, go with the one being formed sooner, the Rank 3 Guillo or SymS will suppress the 5/65 !
    Wait today for the Angela Buff go live and watch review vids and pick yourself.
    Many stated Angela needs the dup to shine post Buff.
    Hulkbuster needs dup but he's amazing and very useful !
    BWDO I have and mainly I pair her when I take Falcon with me as she makes him complete
    Crit Machine even more .
  • odishika123odishika123 Posts: 5,373 ★★★★★
    Angela (unduped)
    Guillotine 2099
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