What should I do with my 5/6 star mutant roster

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6 months into my new account I have 2 science champs that are 5 or 6 star and 13 mutant champs. I have 13 t2a catalysts and 2 t5b catalysts. Have 10 mutant t4c catalysts and 49 unopened t4 class crystals. So I can do a lot of upgrading.

The trouble knowing who to take where. According to the charts - AA, Colossus, Namor Domino, and Professor X are beyond god tier. But Prof needs to be awakened, Namor needs to be 200 sig, Domino needs a 5 star Red Hulk and Massacre (don’t have either)and colossus needs to be awakened, have high sig level and have synergies. AA is my only champ good to go but i cleared all but one of the last boss rush champs with him at rank 4 - not sure he needs the rank 5.

Cable is an absolute beast with my 4 star apocalypse - but not sure he is worth investing more in until I get a 5 star version.

So my initial plan is to take Domino, Havok and Emma Frost to rank 4, take Prof X, Colossus, and Namor to rank 3 and take the others all to rank 2 for the time being.

What changes would you make?

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  • Six_strings6Six_strings6 Posts: 222 ★★
    I would say aa is your best choice there. But colossus does not need his awakened ability, it helps a lot as do synergies but he is still very good without them. Domino does not need 5 star massacre or red hulk, any star will do unless it’s act 6 or 7
  • IcePickIcePick Posts: 134
    Has anyone max ranked up a champ like domino, cable etc who requires synergy to be there very best, but who didn’t have 5 star synergy partners? In other words - was it worth it to use them in game modes other than chapters 6+?
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    I’d definitely rank up colossus and AA. They both benefit when they’re awakened but are still really good without being awakened.
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