Kicked & Trapped AW AQ

Can kabam or whom ever has the ability to make major change please consider the following....

Release champions from Alliance War & Alliance quest upon being kicked. I joined an alliance and was kicked without warning, for no reason and my war team is now stuck and being used by the team I was kicked from. I think if this kind of situation occurs after a player places champions in War that those champions should be released and unavailable to the alliance that’s doing the childish kicking. Kick=warning pop up to kicker=release champs so they can be used immediately by the person being kicked.

Please consider this change as it’s unfair to hold, use and exploit a players champs in war defense after being kicked.


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 6,520 Guardian
    edited March 16
    Should their Diversity suddenly have some points taken away too ?

    Should opponents, who have scouted the paths, and maybe taken paths based on defender nodes, and (towards end of an actual in-season) might need to do a certain number of fights in order to finish off their AW Solo Event milestone, suddenly NOT have an opponent on the path anymore ?

    What if your defender was one of the upper Guards or Boss (and now it is empty) ?

    They don’t have the ability to replace defenders with someone else (in cases of 1 or 2 BG wars), or move other defenders around even from among those already joined, once attack phase starts.

    You had joined defense knowing that your defenders and attackers would be locked for the duration of the war (as far as planning goes for when you could use them for maybe other difficult content).

    No matter the reason you were kicked (or left on your own), the defenders stay locked there.

    Prevents ppl from leaving on their own too (or just plain causing trouble in the alliance in hopes that they will be kicked early) just to get their defenders or attackers usage back.
  • ShnapperShnapper Posts: 13
    “What if your defenders was one of the upper guards or boss”?

    Not my problem, they get a pop up warning ⛔️ plain and simple. I don’t give a flying F! what happens to there little point standing or war tier level they’re at. These babies wanna kick while I’m placing then give me my champs back.
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