Is anybody els specials not working at all

HygghuHygghu Posts: 146
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My specials 1 and 2 are not working,is anybody els having this problem?


  • MrjboydMrjboyd Posts: 32
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    They are aware but refuse to do anything about it besides give some bs answer when your submit a ticket. Kabam has shown us continually they don't care.
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 8,860 ★★★★★
    Same, I use my specials and the power goes without doing anything. Happens in Aw, aq and act 5 chap 3. So I get destroyed when it happens.
  • Draco2199Draco2199 Posts: 803 ★★★
    Yep game is severely broken, not sure how they aren't giving out free gifts to help us through until they FIX the problems they created.
  • RB65RB65 Posts: 23
    Kabam has stated that they have a hotfix set to fix the issue. It's freaking annoying and I've lost several arenas because my special didn't fire but the energy was used.
  • CA2HICA2HI Posts: 19
    It’s seriously unbelievable how many times Kabam says they’re going to fix an issue and a brand new one pops up. Do the developers/coders not know what they’re doing?? Constantly dealing w/ issues is ruining the game for everyone! Specials not firing is a major issue! It interrupts the whole game play and dramatically affects the outcome!
  • MEKA5MEKA5 Posts: 344 ★★
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    Many players are quitting.
    Because of AW being boring and all these bugs (champ lock after specials, specials not firing while using all the power). I sincerely hope the developers fix all these issues in a reasonable time.

    And yes, some serious compensation is needed for all the items wasted because of these bugs !!!
  • Armaganon00Armaganon00 Posts: 741 ★★
    Im curious, will the tourney at new york comic con have the special issues?

    If so it could show the game world, and might get us some fixes.
  • MrjboydMrjboyd Posts: 32
    Why can't those imaginary beta testers you have catch these problems before an update is released? I've been waiting on a reply from kabam but they don't answer. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but they did say that each update is tested by them right? At least that's what was said regarding the 12.0 update.
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