Who should I r3 next

WodimanWodiman Posts: 30
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On the fence for my next rank up.

Who should I r3 next 52 votes

Captain Marvel Movie
TristanKill_GreyEinfachSoMaxwell24MasterpuffBen_15455ΜιKEGr8TonyStarkTheBair123king_ov_scrubsIryseCrcrcrcSalve_maker05ewpher 14 votes
MagicBentonPugpoliceYoMovesLvernon15Furion17AdvPokémonmastahJuggerNotzeezee57Colinwhitworth69Luke9523Aaronc94Sarvanga1_MaratoxH3t3rKsp_2099Icy000Thoye3FiiNCHRenaxqq 34 votes
RaganatorMrBanksGarrettNAlyzan 4 votes
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  • Rohit_316Rohit_316 Posts: 947 ★★★
    If you run suicides then CG , if not then CMM.
  • hermherm Posts: 295
    If Angela is at least at sig 100, go with her. If cmm is awakened and angela isn't at or above sig 100, go with her. If none of them are awakened, go with corvus
  • WodimanWodiman Posts: 30
    All 3 awakened. Angela around 60. Cmm at 160. Corvus at 20
  • MasterpuffMasterpuff Posts: 5,263 ★★★★★
    Captain Marvel Movie
    Wodiman said:

    All 3 awakened. Angela around 60. Cmm at 160. Corvus at 20


    Definitely CMM.
  • GagoHGagoH Posts: 1,543 ★★★★
    I guess an argument can be made for angela since her damage is the lowest amongst the three so she’d *need* it the most?
  • SWORD78SWORD78 Posts: 1,268 ★★★★
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