What’s most important to turn Omega Red into a monster?

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It’s funny. Yesterday I made a post complaining that I had only 2 science champs that were either 5 or 6 star on my restarted account but I had 15 mutants that met that criteria. Either ironically or fittingly, today I just rolled a 6-star Omega Red.

On My old account I ran suicides and relied on a maxed rank 5 sig 200 OR and a rank 5 Corvus with suicides to clear a lot of content, often with colossus for synergies.

On this new account I have a 5 star colossus and 6 star sabretooth, but I neither have a duped OMega or suicide masteries.

What is most important to take him to next level? And is he in any case worth ranking up prior to awakening (probably in 5 years. Haha)

What’s most important to turn Omega Red into a monster? 61 votes

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Very high sig
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All of the above are big pieces of the puzzle
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    Very high sig
    Suicides help a lot, as does sabertooth
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    Very high sig
    Ideally you want it all but the key to unlocking his potential is a high sig. If you could only have one of the three, the sig level is the most critical
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    All of the above are big pieces of the puzzle
    Duped at decent sig he’s a good champ but fairly slow.

    High sig, suicides and sabretooth/dpx is when he becomes a monster.

    The difference with the synergy especially with suicides is night and day imo. So important to get those spores on early doors.
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    Very high sig
    He was my second most used champ behind ghost in act 6. Never ran synergies with him and didn’t even have suicides unlocked.

    Only needs the high sig to become an absolute unit. He does benefit a good bit from suicides and synergies, but definitely doesn’t need them
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    Very high sig
    They’re all important, but high sig (or max sig) is in my opinion the most important.

    You’ve got synergies ticked off already. Sabretooth is the only synergy that I’d say he benefits enough from to make him worth a spot on your team with omega. Red guardian, colossus, void and a few others have nice synergy bonuses for omega, but they’re not nearly as helpful as sabretooth’s in my opinion.

    As for suicides, he does benefit greatly from them. It massively changes his burst window, from the first sp2, to the beginning of the fight. It also means you get a high spore count from the beginning of the fight which means 3 things. 1. You get higher degen damage from the heavy degen 2. Your life steal is increased (mainly for short fights to top up at the end from sp1), 3. To chain sp2 for max damage. Suicides are excellent because it means he can burst down lots of opponents in the first 30 seconds to a minute of a fight because of that massive death field damage, when combined with his sig ability.

    However id say high sig is more important since it affects the entire fight’s damage. It’s those consistent ticks of damage throughout the fight. That’s more valuable than the burst you get from suicides (and the increased base damage from them) in my opinion.

    Since, without high sig, you could get to 30 death spores at the start of the fight if you have suicides, but, you’re only dealing that passive DOT for the first 16 seconds of the fight when the death field is active. It’s a lot, but it’s only 16 seconds. And then you gotta get to an sp2 again for that big damage.

    Whereas if you had high sig and no suicides, yes you’d only start at 10 spores, but they would tick away at the opponent as long as you kept them at 10. Plus, activate the sp2 and then you have the burst from death field and the spore DOT from the awakened ability.

    If you weren’t convinced enough already, the sig ability also gives omega a chance to go unblockable on tenctacle hits. This isn’t super amazing but it is nice when you break through the opponents block to start a combo. Personally I love unblockable attacks so this is really nice for me personally.

    Hope this helps!
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    Fortunately for you BG recently....maybe a month or so ago, did a video racing a 5 star sig 200 vs 6 r3 (wanna say sig 100 but I'm not sure) in ROL. You can see firsthand regarding sg ability and the difference it makes. Spoiler... not much. Suicides have been and will always be the biggest impact for OR.

    But don't take my word for it search BG vids and see for yourself.
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    All of the above are big pieces of the puzzle
    All except synergies
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    edited March 22
    I guess I’ve never had a low sig Omega so I guess I should have hit high sig.

    He doesn’t NEED NEED suicides but he’s practically built for them. Like if you could apply masteries to specific champs, there wouldn’t be a single high-ranked Omega without them.
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    His Russian background story
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