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the game performancr is at unacceptably low levels

This game used to be a much more than entertainment a few months ago but I am sorry to say that it has become a stack of garbage recently. I have been playing it for last two years but this is the first time I am forced to turn to these pages to register my protest.
It seems as if kabam has been turning into a beast, a vampire, of its own but rather than the blood its the dollars they are feasting on. You already got a way to earn by offering units and other in game bounties but now to drag the game to such low levels where everyone just get forced to use units is a day time robbery.
The game lags, the specials dont trigger, the evades and heavy hits, swiping in front lags, and worse when you execute them you find yourself getting hit back because yours didnt trigger and the AL got on you.
these are some of the pretty frustrating reasons a lot of us would just stop playing this soon to be junk game. I am not going to use any units and i might even stop playing after over 2 years just because kabam has transformed Itself to a leecher who only wants to live on our pockets...


  • Robbo101Robbo101 Posts: 40
    Totally agree. Over two years of game play coming to an end. I’ve already started testing other games to find one I like and staying away from Kabam / NetMarble. I used to really enjoy this game and even when there were issues Kabam used to give some sort of compensation to make up for the fact the game wasn’t operating at the required level. And yet now with ALL of the issues, bugs and problems their loyal money spending customer base has faced for months now there has been no good will gestures at all.. just more and more ways to force people to spend and more and more frustrations... we know it will not happen but after the non stop issues over an extended period of time they should be giving out some awesome compensation to say “look guys, we know things have been way below the standard we should be aiming for and we hope this goes some way towards making it right”

    But mainly they should get it together and getting this game back to the enjoyable fun game it used to be.
  • Robbo101Robbo101 Posts: 40
    Good read... cheers bud.
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