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Nova not looking good

It's the day when we get three new buffed champions and we all love these buffs but I don't know why but I'm disappointed in nova
It's seems like kabam didn't want to spend any time on him to make a recognisable change in him
I tried the character as his gameplay remains the same but they said they increased the damage and I don't see much difference than the previous version of him


  • LuciferiamdevilLuciferiamdevil Posts: 72
    He is a character that desperately needed something more than crossbones as CB had more value than Nova even before the buff... Even after his buff I don't see anything at all that makes him more valuable which is the point of buffing a champion @Kabam Miike
  • LuciferiamdevilLuciferiamdevil Posts: 72
    I've watched couple of videos in the meantime and I really got no words for your lazy work kabam... I always liked Nova as his animations are super nice like guardian but he ain't a bit like him, for some time when I heard the news of him getting a buff made me excited that now this character is getting some justice from you guys but you guys are lazy as a sloth to give an actual buff to him
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